Lets look down the road, and see just how creepy the IRS involvement can become.

We know that Justice Roberts said that Obama can justify the mandate as a tax. Government has the right to impose taxes on individuals. Therefore the mandate stood, not under the commerce clause but because it is a tax.

The mandate is an obligation that every citizens has to the government which represents all citizens.

I get that, but do you? Not if you think that the penalty is a tax. The mandate is justified when defined as a tax.

But to understand the full import of that let us rephrase that. Instead of calling it a tax, lets use another term, Lets call it an obligation to society. The ruling elite have always demanded that the governed owe an obligation to society. The ruling elite discharge their obligation by protecting the governed from danger: real, imagined or contrived. The rest of us pay in cash, or servitude. We must discharge our obligation to society by surrendering our wealth, or our freedom.

The Ruling Elite, in order to provide an orderly society, have the power to enforce our obligations to society. Let us see how that impacts the mandate. When you go to a non-government web site to review the available plans you see that the approved plans are made up of a premium, a co-pay(40%, 30% or  20%) and a limit on spending. Underlying that of course, and not immediately available is a schedule of benefits, a limited number of retail outlets participating and a while lot of fine print. But it is the first part, the premium, copay and cap on annual spending that is important.

Which part of that is the mandate? Is it just the premium? Are you sure?

What happens if you pay for a bronze policy, and run up 50,000 in bills. Your obligation is 40% or $20,000. This is limited by the cap which is could be just over $12,000.. The web site doesn’t say you can pay that $12000 if you want to pay it. The statement is that is your share of the obligation.

Now think about this. The IRS is in charge of enforcing the mandate. The IRS has access to all your financial records including your credit card accounts, bank accounts, investments balances, your income and your assets. The IRS has the power to seize anything that you have to discharge your obligation to pay. An IRS obligation cannot be discharged by bankruptcy, nor is it secondary to any other obligation or debt.

What makes you think that the co-pay for medical care will not be treated as any other unpaid tax?

Can we risk that?

De-fund it, repeal it, start over – WmCraig

Update: From the associated press 

Defending the shaky rollout of his health care law, Pres
ident Barack Obama said frustrated Americans “definitely shouldn’t give up” on the problem-plagued program now at the heart of his dispute with Republicans over reopening the federal government. ……Obama said public interest far exceeded the government’s expectations….”Folks are working around the clock and have been systematically reducing the wait times,” he said.

They were not PREPARED for this level of interest? So does that mean they are grossly underestimating the amount of money needed to actually pay for services? Or the logistics involved in paying for services?

Of course it does. Anyone that is patient with the government now is likely to end up waiting for medical care while the government and the medical care provider negotiate. Hopefully a woefully unprepared government exchange insurance provider doesn’t take three years to get ready to answer that question.  I won’t bet against it.

Stop this disaster now before it gets worse.