It's the law of the land......

When Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, segregation was the law of the land. Democrats invented Jim Crow, they perfected segregation. They fought tooth and nail to keep it. When Harry Reid says it is the law of the land, he sounds more like George Wallace then Franklin Roosevelt.

When two young men, engaged in intimate relations in a small town in Texas were arrested anti-sodomy laws were the law of the land.

When Barrack Obama took woke up this morning, the Defense of marriage act was the law of the land.

When Barrack Obama gave Congress special treatment to bribe them for their support, the PPACA was the law of the land, and part of that law said that Congress could not get special treatment.

When Barrack Obama woke up today, preventing the growth, distribution, sale, possession or use of Marijuana was the law of the land.

The truth is, Democrats, and in particular this Democrat president have resisted, ignored or illegally modified many laws, unless of course it was a law like segregation that gave them unconstitutional control over a segment of society.

I do not understand why or how I can trust “obamacare” when the chief architect has no respect for the written law. If the written law is worthless what is the value of a piece of paper that says they will pay for my health care. What if, like DOMA, a bunch of his supporters want double the benefits I get. What is to stop him from simply saying, I just won’t honor this person’s policy so I can save the money to pay twice to someone else.

After all insurance is about trust, and there is nothing about this president or any of his appointees, administrators, cronies, czars or friends that exudes trust.