Government continues...without Nannies in Washington.

I noticed on my way to work yesterday that the police cars that patrol the highway where still there. I called and got someone in the county clerk’s who told me the register of deeds is working, the mayor was working, the council meeting was still scheduled, yes I could get a permit, dog license and no, the police would not be furloughed. Go figure.

My wife went to work, she said the kids were still going to school, the teachers were there and everything was normal. How can this be, how can education continue without Washington’s intervention?

I used to work at a major utility company. So I called some of my friends there and they told me two things, first that the lights would stay on and no, they weren’t going to open that dirty old coal plant to burn cheap coal. The state EPA would shut it down anyway. Without the EPA from Washington I thought, incredulously, how could this be.

I currently work in the medical care industry. Yesterday the ambulances were working, 911 was working, patients were arriving and departing, getting cared for, loved ones were comforted, and life and the support needed to make the most of life continued uninterrupted by the fiscal diet Barrack the one Obama was being fed. How could this be? Birth and death, sickness, miracle cures, and routine medical care that included procedures not imaged at the start of my life time continue. Without Nanny Washington. Obama and his PPACA did not create this, someone else created it, and in spite of Washington it continued without interruption yesterday.

It simply seems that the government is working just fine. There is something wrong with Washington. They are too busy butting their noses into Syria and the Arab world, into needs of the foreign nationals who came to this country illegally, and into my government that is doing just fine without there help, when they should be focused on doing there job. President Barrack the one Obama has been sent to the corner for a time out until he learns that it is his job to work with all legally elected representatives including Republicans to implement the government we desire, not his own vision of utopia. He can stay in time out  until he learns that we don’t all agree he should dictate what laws are followed, what laws are ignored and what laws are changed over and most importantly that he can’t just print money to spend on things he likes without consent from the all the people in the form of a compromise budget approved by our representatives in the house.


Note: As an employee of a medical service provider I cannot respond to comments during the day, I apologize for that in advance. A side effect of the bad economy and PPACA security requirements.

This story from the Wall Street Journal proves the point. The yahoo circus in Washington isn’t government. Government is the local elected officials that find ways to take care of local business. This proves that when the yahoo circus gets out of the way, we self governing people can get on with business the way it should be.

The Arizona town of Tusayan, on the southern rim of the Grand Canyon, has 558 residents and 1,000 hotel rooms. And by Saturday, it had $350,000 to reopen temporarily closed Grand Canyon National Park.

In Wisconsin, officials are keeping seven federally subsidized state-owned forest, wildlife and recreation areas open, even after receiving instructions from the federal Department of the Interior to close them….I really don’t think it is a defiance, but fulfilling our obligations,” said Cathy Stepp, an official with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, which administers the state properties


But of course the Yahoos in Washington want to make sure that people suffer so they are not cooperating. This is important, because any administration that is willing to work to hurt, rather than heal the country can’t be trusted to run our health care system. Just imagine if we have an impasse in the future and Obama says, shut down the exchanges. I know, that would be against the law, but when has that ever stopped him?