Sen. McCain - Separate but equal is not leadership.....It is segregation

Sen. McCain,

I understand that you sacrificed much during your stay in Hanoi. But that doesn’t give you the right to tell me what I desire from my government. You and your constituents would no more be interested in me dictating how they live, where they work, what they eat, then I am in you telling me what my medicare should look like. Especially since it doesn’t apply to you.

You are either voting against ObamaCare or, your are voting for the biggest segregation of the federal government since Democrat President Woodrow Wilson designated blacks inferior citizens and set limits on their opportunities and their access to facilities and services.

The health care exemption for Congress, put through as an administrative directive in direct violation of the wording contained within the law and exceeding constitutional limits on Executive power is no different and no better than George Wallace standing on the steps of the university and declaring that segregation was separate but equal and that certain people, didn’t belong.

For all my life I have paid taxes, sometimes I had insurance, sometimes I didn’t. But I paid my bills and my taxes and I put faith in the government, because, well some people were not so fortunate. These people received help from charities, from non-government organizations and most importantly, as a last resort the government paid to keep the medical providers afloat who were financially hurt by dedicating themselves to helping those in need. Yes, that means we Americans paid for the health care. but the funny thing is that taxes are means adjusted. Those at the lowest end of the tax paying scale paid far less, while the majority of taxes were paid by those at the top end of the earnings scale.

Obama care is a tax. The mandate is a tax. Because in effect you are transferring the cost of those uninsured from the means tested, progressive tax revenue sources to me, and my fellow Americans. We now are seeing exponential increases in insurance costs to cover the services to those who in the past were predominately served by taxing the higher earning, well to do and rich. This is the most regressive taxation policy since poll taxes were invented by the Democrats.

No sir, separate ObamaCare for you and your employees, 75% funded by my tax dollars is not equal. Making me pay exponentially higher insurance rates as a burden of responsibility is the most regressive taxation and far from equal. One rich crony now contributes the same amount as one working class stiff but the impact on their life is not equal.

This not 1995, the President Clinton’s warm fuzzy puppy version of the IRS has been turned into jack booted black shirt storm troopers, and joining the NSA, the CIA, Homeland security, even the EPA in snooping, prying, punishing everyone using new laws and new powers that are as subject to abuse as anything dixiecrat segregationists could devise. Clinton oversaw one of the greates of all economic growth periods, a period of peace, prosperity and stability. So great he balance the budget. Today we face trillion dollar debts, failure to produce a working budget to even understand where the money should go, and lectures on responsibility from a man acting more like a drink addled college freshman on a spend spree then presidential.

Now you want to tell me that Obama Care is the law of the land, it is good enough for me, but big business, well they get a reprieve, which any fool knows will be bought off again next year with the right donations. And then there is that illegal fraud you perpetuate that makes you, and people you work with and who work for you exempt from the same ObamaCare that the rest of us are forced to accept. Too much separate, not enough equal here Senator, way too much.

No sir, a separate plan for you and your staff is not equal to what you are doing to me and my family. That makes you the worst kind of Ruling Elite. At least DixieCrat Democrats had the guts to stand up and say they were better than those they excluded. You sir pretend that somehow I am inferior because I will not willing tolerate your abuse of power, or negligence as the case may be.

Solvo Reor