Could Putin be right about exceptionalism?

Look very carefully at exactly what Putin wrote

It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation.

What we hear is “our nation is not exceptional”, but that is NOT what he is saying.
This Op-ed isn’t critical of America, it is critical of our Imperial President.

And quite bluntly I think he is right. It is very dangerous to encourage people, specifically liberals, Democrats, Republicans like John McCain, and most importantly Barrack Obama to think they are exceptional.

It is this belief by so many that Barrack Obama is somehow exceptional , from Oprah Winfrey to the masses who voted for Barrack Obama that has lead us to this dangerous point where Barrack Obama himself believes that his decisions are beyond scrutiny because he is somehow exceptional. He is not. His decisions are not divinely inspired. His performance, his policies and his leadership is dangerously incompetent made all the worse because so many people believed he is exceptional. Putin is right, it is dangerous to let people, especially people in power to think they are exceptional, no matter how exceptional America as a whole is perceived. Under Barrack Obama we seem to have been fighting on the wrong side in so many conflicts of what we may soon recognize is part of another world war, a war Islamic Imperialists are waging across the globe.

I cannot understand what Obama expected to gain by aiding rebel forces in any nation we were not prepared to occupy and control, or by what right the President involved us in so many conflicts where we had nothing to gain, except out of his own misguided belief in his exceptionalism.

Barrack Obama has been exceptionally lucky, and America remains an exceptional country in spite of Obama’s efforts are re-engineering.
That does not lessen the fact that the danger Putin describes letting people believe that because they are exceptional, that they are above the ordinary rules or that the laws don’t apply to them, is dangerous.

“Oh Bam Uh….Oh Bam Uh…..Oh Bam Uh”

You are not exceptional, you are dangerous.
Now if we can just convince his adoring worshipers how dangerous this worship is we might not end up like the Balkans

I don’t trust Putin, but he is a far better politician, and apparently a far more intellegent analyst then anyone in the Obama administration. Given the likes of Kerry, Hillary, DWS, Susan Rice, etc., that should come as no surprise.