Arch Duke Ferdinand, USS Maddox, and the Syria resolution. Just say no.

The paragraph below, from History.com  is an analysis of the days leading up to the start of “the Great War”, that sounds all too similar to our current situation and even the least intelligent elected official should realize that it didn’t work out well 100 years ago.

In order to maintain its credibility as a force in the Balkan region (let alone its status as a great power), Austria-Hungary needed to enforce its authority in the face of such an insolent crime. However, with the threat of Russian intervention looming and its army unprepared for a large-scale war, it required Germany’s help to back up its words with force. Emperor Franz Josef wrote a personal letter to Kaiser Wilhelm requesting his support, and on July 6 German Chancellor Theobald Bethmann Hollweg informed Austrian representatives that Vienna had Germany’s full support. (emphasis is mine)

The crime of course is the assisnation of the Arch Duke Ferdinand. But it could be the gassing of citizens or the attack on the USS Maddox in the gulf of Tonkin.

John McCain who should know better because of his military experience, John Boehner and Eric Cantor who should have learned something about history in school and the plethora of Republican advisors and elected officials who are too young to experience LBJ’s Vietnam war need to be removed, replaced or re-educated should be smart enough to see the pattern in Obama’s demand for war powers to attack Syria.

Obama’s Tonkin like resolution for war power to attack Syria is nothing more than an excuse for him to play at being a tough guy. It is wrong. There is no winning side for us in this war. Smart people would realize that we need to let this play out. We can return a large force to Iraq and control the outcome by sheer dominance, or we can let it play out and take sides later when the enemy is defined.

What we are seeing here is the start of another world war, instigated like it was 100 years ago by the Islamic Imperialists grappling among each other to be the king of kings, and lead the people to smite or convert all non-believers and bring them to Islam, bring them to submit.

I can’t decide what is worse. That these fools are willing to engage in the kind of egotism that LBJ practice against what he called that “piss-ant country” Vietnam, leading to 10 times greater cost in lives and wealth, mostly to draftees, or the embarrassment and ultimately to the being run out of the region not because we couldn’t win buy because we chose not to win. Or is it the stupidity of young republican advisers who can’t see that Obama has created a situation where we liberals, blacks, young people, elderly, and conservatives can find common ground against continuing the elitist Ruling class Democrat control.

Let’s look at some of these constituencies and see where they would benefit by supporting Republicans

– Black people seeing their inner city populations facing horrible unemployment and underemployment challenges caused by Democrat polices. Populations struggling with poverty, drugs, crimes and diseases because Ruling class Democrats don’t want to build factories that could restore our American manufacturing might (while providing jobs for someone without a college degree) because it might spoil the view from their veranda. Lets not forget that letting 10 or 20 million immigrants in to compete for jobs will not improve their lot. But it give the democrats another power base to play off against their pretend interest in the plight of black Americans.

– Non-government union workers who depend on a thriving manufacturing sector to drive primary secondary and support industries, everything from the big smoke stack industry to the mom and pop fabrication shops, and the service, support,and equipment suppliers, distributors and transporters who have been sacrified by the Ruling class elite Democrats because industry might interfere with the view from their veranda, and more importantly, a thriving industrial base might produce competition that would challenge their control system designed to control the population and see rewards channeled through only their cronies. And again let’s not forget that letting 10 or 20 million immigrants in to complete in the work force will not improve their lot.

– Anti-war liberals, Libertarians, and amazingly pro-military Americans who can see that this is the worst of all scenarios. There is no clear definition of victory, no long term goal, no winning side. If we have to bomb someone to prove we are not weak, then we are weak. A president who wants to throw missiles at foreign countries that haven’t asked for our help, and the world does not support our mission, just because the Saudi Kingdom will pay for it is wrong, period. It isn’t strong military and it isn’t peaceful behavior. And it is a waste of money. Or worse, we have become a vassal state to the Saudi Empire that is, quite bluntly a leading force in Islamic Imperalism. With Obama Channeling LBJ what is next what is the next step? restoring the draft to fight a war that is unpopular at home, and unnecessary?

– The rest of us. How many mortgages could be “forgiven” from the cost of sending 150 cruise missiles in to Syria to move some rocks around and kill some sheep. (I am guessing the cost at about a 1/2 Billion dollars or more including about 225 million worth of Cruise missiles alone). Or how much education funding could be subsidized? How many cities bailed out? How much would that mean to the poor or the elderly? OK, I am appealing to the liberals with all of these questions, which is the point. Everything this President is doing is proving that Democrats are Ruling Class elite who champion causes for votes but they don’t believe in the causes, they believe in their divine right to rule, and they don’t care about outcomes expect their own re-election and filling their pocket books.  My personal reason not to spend 1/2 billion dollars on a war where there is no definition of winning, will only result in a stronger anti-American coalition and does nothing to make us appear or be stronger is that we could save that money and pay down our debt.

The republican party is faced with an opportunity if we are willing to take advantage of it. Remember the Reagan coalition brought together otherwise incompatible groups, including Reagan Democrats. Right now, it is obvious to any observant liberal, black, hispanic, other foreign national legal immigrant, to non-government union member, to anyone with children, to the elderly, and to most conservatives that what we suffer in common because of Washington, especially a Washington government run by Democrats is far greater then differences we have between us.

Fight the war drums, stop the spending, force the President to support the constitution or let him shut down the government. Show us real leadership against an out of control President who thinks he is the vassal of the Saudi King, stepping in to do their bidding as the re-form the Middle east to be monolithic in their support. Embrace returning power to the states and shrinking federal influence, taxation, size.

A Republican party that does that may not appeal to all conservative groups. It won’t appeal to all liberal constituencies. But it will win elections from those of us who are tired of a growing imperial president and an out of control legislature that are treating the states and like foreign colonies to be managed, and the citizens like peasants to be controlled.

P.S. I have argued before that the Democrats are all about power. About segregating us into groups, by any means possible (not only color) and then pitting use against each other as a means of control. The ultimate tool of this control is the draft. The Democrats are responsible for the draft, always have been, and they like it and want it back. This unpopular war that no one can understand can easily been seen as an excuse to restore the draft. In my opinion. Any Republican re-election committee that can’t make hay out of that again, in my opinion needs replacing.