Breast beating like it's 2008

Barack Obama is beating his breasts and roaring like King Kong, as if it was 2008. You know, when America had the largest, most powerful and most dangerous standing army in the middle east. Those days are gone. This professor playing at being president is ignorant of the real world. This is no classroom where he decides everything He cannot define how the allies of Assad will react, like he can control the conversation in his lecture hall. The power that President Bush created by occupying the keystone country of Iraq with the largest most powerful military force every assembled has been squandered for political propaganda. Sent home.  Obama thinks some people will be intimated by what some body else did, specifically by what President George Bush did in Iraq. But at President Obama’s command that threat has been removed. Yet Obama thinks that he can get away with sending hundreds of $1.5 million dollar cruise missiles into Syria to disturb some sand, maybe kill a few sheep and show Assad how dangerous he can be without any risk to the American people. As the gang bangers in the hood say “we know where you live”. The allies of Assad do know where we live and quite bluntly our assets are more vulnerable and the effect that an attack on them would have to us and the rest of the civilized world is enormous. Mr golf-star President, Members of Congress, maybe you need to think about these things before you give Iran, Russia, China, most of Europe and all the Arab nations a reason to treat us as an unsupported aggressor, and for them to look at you the way they saw Saddam Hussein.

If you can attack their infrastructure to reduce Assad’s war making capabilities, and call it a limited strike,  then surely the world will not blame Assad’s allies if they perform a limited attack on our infrastructure for his protection. After all, no one attacked Americans with chemical weapons, and we were not asked to interfere in the internal affairs of Syria. A warmongering American president without the support of the people of the US, or without UN resolution, and without a large coalition of allies simply decided he was being disrespected and would slap Assad around a little for effect.

What infrastructure might you ask.

Straights of Hormuz and the Persian gulf.

Let’s start with the straights of Hormuz. Do we have the strength of force to defend that, do we have a credible threat that will deter Iran from attacking this important oil center? If we can’t deter, can we realistic expect to intercept every attempt at attack? We have to stop 100% of the threats, missles, bombs, boats, airplanes. Iran needs only get one missile through to cause a shut down.

Mr President, Members of Congress do we have overwhelming force in the Persian gulf region that will deter, with absolute certainty that Iran does not attack the oil infrastructure we depend upon?  I think not.

Suez Canal

Not long ago the Iranian navy transited several missile frigates through the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean Sea. I don’t doubt for one minute that our navy can handle a few small frigates. But are we planning for the worst case scenario here. Are we appropriately authorized to strike back at Iranian naval assets if the show aggressive action? Or are the commanders in the ships hamstrung with regulations that will prevent our navy from protecting itself for fear of starting a wider war? Worse, there is no reason for the Iranian navy to attempt an attack on the US ships. They can do far more harm and longer lasting damage by sinking shipping in the canal itself. Effectively cutting off that route, as happened after the Israeli-Egyption wars. That Egyption rebels, those same rebels we supported in Egypt just attacked and sunk a ship in the channel should be a warning. Are we heeding these warnings.

Mr President, Members of Congress, are we prepared with the assets on the ground to defend and keep open the Suez canal? I doubt it. 

Threats Closer to home

About one third of illegal immigrants detained or captured are identified as other then Mexican. The administration likes to use a number of about 10 million  “undocumented foreign nationals”. If one third of them, about three million are “other than Mexican” at least some could be Chechnya rebels, Al Qaeda operatives or sympathizers, or just plain radicalized Islamists.  We have seen what to young boys with some pots and pans can do in Boston. Of those millions a few hundred or a thousand could be devastating.

Mr President, Members of Congress are we prepared to seal our borders, expel unwelcome guest and secure our streets, shopping centers, schools, and public buildings?  I am absolutely certain you do not have the political will, let alone the resources, planning and preparation to protect us here at home. 

Thousands of tons of illicit drugs are smuggled into this country every year. Maybe tens of thousands of tons. If we cannot stop tons of marijuana can we be reasonable certain that a few hand held missile anti-aircraft missiles have not been brought into the country? Hezbollah may like to milk America for donations to support their aggression, but can we be certain they would not respond to getting cruise missiles dropped on their heads?

Mr President, Members of Congress are we prepared to defend every airport, and every flight against the possiblilty that our porous border hasn’t allowed a few hand held rocket launchers through to be used against our domestic airlines? I am absolutely certain that this administration lacks the political will to even consider let alone take action that will protect us from retaliation.

Until this administration is willing to restore our military strength, both here and abroad, until this administration learns the lessons of the two gulf wars (build overwhelming force before making a threat), until this administration treats our porous borders, our drug problems, our illegal alien problems, the presence of radicalized Islamists as the threats to our security that they are, until this administration recognizes terrorists as a threat and stops strengthening our enemies, until this administration acknowledges that it is the policies and actions of this government not some youtube video that can get American’s killed and potentially set off world war three I demand you VOTE NO to any military action against Syria.