A bright red line has been crossed in Boston.

I don’t care who did this. It should not have happened.  That is not to say I don’t want justice, only that the administration asleep at the wheel cannot be trusted to deliver that justice.

First we have a riot in Gitmo. Then there is a bombing at the Boston Marthon. Connect the dots. Could we have not had a greater warning that something was cooking? Was the risk level elevated. Of course not, the war on terrorism is over. Political correctness is killing people in the country.

The writing on the wall is clear. Regardless of who is ultimately blamed by the Obama administration for this, the Obama administration is at fault. They failed to do their duty. They play word games and declare the war on terrorism is over. Even though the terrorists continue to wage war against us. The administration cannot be trusted.

Someone killed people at a major US sporting event. That doesn’t happen here. That it did is a clear indication there are too many bad guys in the country. TOO MANY BAD GUYS. We won’t keep criminals in jail. We tolerate a growing underworld of criminal foreign enterprises in our midst. The federal government won’t enforce the laws, and attacks any state that attempts to do it themselves. The local governments can’t cope with all the bad guys even before you figure in  the confusion caused by pick and choose law enforcement of the Obama administration. I don’t want to hear about amnesty, or new gun regulations regardless what party is involved. We need to enforce the laws we have. Criminals need to serve their time, people who don’t belong in this country need to get out and be kept out. Congress needs to hold the Obama administration accountable. Changes are needed. What isn’t needed is amnesty as long as we are over run with bad guys, or more stupid gun control laws regardless of how bipartisan it is.  I am not interested in hearing anything more about immigration reform. We need law enforcement reform.Starting with the top posts in the country.

This is the fault of Obama and his administrations, regardless of who placed the explosives. We need some changes in Justice and Home Land Security. Start with Holder and Napitano resigning. This experiment in Progressive Socialism has failed. It has put us at risk. Ultimately it is not the loan bomber, or Al-Qaeda, or Iran that is responsible for what happened.

Ultimately it is Obama and his staff that is responsible. They failed in their duty. They cannot be trusted.


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