Reince Priebus: $10M on carpetbaggers is a stupid plan. Here is how to fix it.

What you waste money on elsewhere I don’t care, but we should have won the Delaware Valley, and what you must do in Philadelphia probably will work elsewhere. Here is the solution.

Don’t hire people to go to Philadelphia. Hire people from Philadelphia. I can get you a list of Asian, Mexican and Puerto Rican, Black, and immigrants from Eastern European who are recent college graduates that are unemployed or under employed.

Give them a decent salary, set them up with resources, facilities and train them. Let them Organize for Better Tomorrow. We are going to focus on these areas.

1. Education. The Philadelphia Education system is failing these communities and the government and education workers unions are the enemies of the target constituencies. Bring money, lawyers and solutions that are free market friendly. Advocate for charter schools, alternative community based schools, and virtual solutions like home schooling and “group settings”. Let the communities decide their needs then build programs that depend on private industry, not government. Become the catalyst for change. You may need to develop a new school certification consortium, but you should be doing that anyway to break the back of the progressive education industrial complex.

2. Industry. Talk industry, not jobs. What made our cites great was industry. Philadelphia can’t burn coal, can’t open factories. Between unions, EPA regulations, Labor Relations, taxation, zoning and the PHRC Philadelphia effectively prevents growth in the one area industrious immigrants are notoriously successful. Cottage industries. You can back that with a push to end funding for the EPA, the NLRB and other agencies allowing local and state governments to work together to achieve a balanced approach to clean air, clean water and prosperity. The war on poverty has never been a war to help people, the war on industry has created the poverty. We have millions of people who don’t get a college education, maybe not a high school diploma. In my life time a man with skilled hands, willing to work hard, sometimes take on back breaking work, could advance, improve their skills, get a better pay and make a life for himself and his family. Democrats war on industry enslaved these people to a life of hopelessness. Change that, end the war on industry, send money and lawyers to help fight the regulatory enslavement that keeps these people in poverty and build industry. Through a network connection to private funding for new cottage industries, for access to other American markets we can change the outlook for the ethnic constituencies one smoke stack at a time. Free market solutions that “Oraganizing for a Better Tomorrow” can deliver with support from conservatives in Washington and a network of private enterprises ready to make America work again.

3. Focus on Wedge issues. Democrat progressive government is not a free ride. In Philadelphia at least there are visible cracks. The mayor is under assault from government workers unions for not giving into their demands enough, from various upscale metro chic residents who are furious at their huge tax increases, from business owners lured to the city because of low real estate taxes, who find themselves suddenly seeing increases of 1000% in their bills. Right now Democrat control over life in this big blue city at least is spiraling out of control, costs going up, benefits going down, relations between Democrat constituencies becoming strained and the administration desperate to keep the lid turning to oppressive tactics and attacks. Send money, lawyers and protection and have the local “Organizing for a Better Tomorrow” organizer help his or her relatives, friends and neighbors visualize a better way, without Democrat oppression.

Come into the city where I work, and preach to us, and all that will happen is that the Democrats, their cronies and their organizers will do a post visitation debriefing where anyone who is not adequately caustic toward your interloper’s ideas will be subjected to re-education in progressive ideology.

Nothing a bunch of carpetbaggers says will  change any votes, not in big blue cities like Philadelphia.

We can win converts in these cities, the way we won support in Iraq. By being there, on the ground and not being afraid, or in a hurry to run off. You can’t win these votes with air strikes any more than Obama can defeat Al Qaeda with drone strikes.  The cost of progressive government is becoming apparent to even the most liberal supporter. We have never had a better chance to see this monster collapse from within.   But the price of a good attack, helping it collapse under it’s own weight, is having an alternative. The groups you are targeting expect more government services. We need our organizers to be there when that happens to get people the support they need without going to city hall. Through their own initiatives supported by our representatives.

Ten Million dollars is a lot of money. A small part of that money invested in local people doing local outreach before the last election, and you may have reduced the vote in Philadelphia enough to carry Pennsylvania for Mitt.
Spend that money on Carpetbaggers and you will have wasted millions more throwing it down the same empty hole that that turned up dry lastime.


from Out of the Blue

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