Nation building should start at home.

Decades have passed since Progressives have pushed Republican influence from the big cities. Republicans have surrendered these cities to the progressives and their allies,  and let them become plantations that favor the elitist agenda. Unfortunately, the voting power of the territory that Republicans have surrendered is sufficient to decide many state wide and all national Senate and oval office elections. We can’t abandon the cities to progressives and expect to win more influence over the government in Washington. Because liberty in these big blue cities is effectively suppressed any flicker of independence would be quickly and dramatically stamped out by the progressives. Unless it had an external energy source to sustain it in the face of organized opposition. Republicans must provide that energy to sustain and develop centers of influence within the big cities if we are to weaken the hold that the progressives have over the government in Washington. America is an industrial nation, a nation of people that make things, do things, create things, and the big blue cities were the centers of this creative energy. They could be again today, were it not for the concerted efforts of progressives. Given the demographics of the big blue the opportunities are endless both in industrial capability and for conservative political influence.

Pretend those big blue cities were foreign countries harboring terrorists. Admittedly that is not that big a stretch, if you are a conservative living in a Red State. So play along with me here, if the big blue cities were foreign nations harboring terrorists, that were attacking your way of life and undermining your security, what would be the first thing you would do?

If you said, send in the Special Forces, give yourself a star.

First would be reconnaissance. Get some highly trained and motivated people on the ground and get a first hand picture of  the conditions and lay of the land. And while you are there you would try and make friends. The enemy of my enemy should be my friend. You would be looking for the equivalent of native tribes, for people who have much in common, and get little or no respect from their government. You would want to identify ways we could use our influence to better their lives and win their support. The SpecFor teams, medical professionals, communications professionals, organizing and training professionals, engineers, logistical managers would set up a secure camp, begin teaching people how to win against superior forces, begin building health care, education, and develop income earning industries. Teaching people how to use the resources available to improve their lives, protect themselves from government abuse, educate their children and care for the sick and injured.

Now I don’t know about you, but what’s not to like? I mean, if you really think those big blue cities that are undermining the credibility of our electoral system by conveniently delivering enough votes to keep Republicans out of the Senate and Oval Office, why wouldn’t you want to use the proven method of nation building?

Nation building. That is the ticket. Sure it is hard work, and requires dedicate well funded and well trained people who can operate on foreign soil to create pockets of freedom and independence that weaken the stranglehold the Democrat political machine has over the people. Pockets of support for Real American values, that work to derail and discourage oppression otherwise unchecked in these foreign lands we call big blue cities.

And what Red State Republican doesn’t think the big blue cities and the blue states are tantamount to foreign lands. They don’t even speak the same language we do anymore, really.  So if we want to win. If we want to stop the slow erosion of our liberty we have got to do some nation building. American nation building, in our own back yard.

Nation building in the big blue cities, restoring American principles, teaching generations lost and oppressed under Democrat domination how to win against city hall. How to reverse job killing regulations, how to stand up against an abusive despotic government and restore our vast industrial base. What a dream.

Out of the blue

Authors Note: Originally published 3/9 I added the first paragraph and changed the title to better convey the message. I am an advocate for setting aside policy differences and focusing on improved tactics that can gain Republicans the power needed to influence government.


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