Hey POTUS, Everybody gave up 2%, quit your bellyaching and man up.

Let me run some numbers by you.
For the 2012 budget the government took in $2,468,600,000,000 (about $2.5 trillion)
If expects for the 2013 budget $2,901,960,000,000 (about $2.9 trillion) or an increase of 433,360,000,000

That is over 17% increase in revenue. I don’t know anyone who saw their take home pay jump 17% .  Everybody saw a cut of 2% for FICA withholding tax increases. That $85,000,000,000 ($85 Billion) sequester cut is about 2.9% of the governments take.  Just let it go into effect.

Sounds fair,  doesn’t it?

I gave up 2% why is Obama bellyaching over less than 3%.

But wait, Revenues for 2012 were 2,468,600,000,000 while 2013 is at 2,901,960,000,000
That is 433,360,000,000 more cash to spend they you had last year, if you subtract the $85 Billion from the $433 billion RAISE the government will still have 348,360,000,000 more to spend this year (or about 14% RAISE)

So I we are not even asking that you get by on less cash like we have to do, but rather only a little less of a great big increase. You still got a 14% increase.

The Republicans can win by standing firm on the sequester. Obama cuts our paychecks leaving us less money to spend even though he promised not to do that. The sequester is just our way of giving the leader a chance to demonstrate by example. But instead of stepping up and showing us how,  Obama whines and throws a temper tantrum like a spoiled child with ONLY a 14% RAISE in cash to spend.

Mr. President, at a time when all the people are seeing smaller checks complaining about squeezing 3% out of your bloated  spending is not “good governing”, it is not even good politics. You need to stop scaring people because you can’t deliver good governing on only a 14% increase in money to spend.

Mr. President governing starts when you stop living the high life and put some desk time in to figuring out how to get the job done with only a nice healthy 14% increase. An increase that the working poor and the middle class you claim to represent can only dream about.


The problem with Democrats is, well, they act like Democrats. And historically speaking that isn’t ever a good thing for the average citizen.

For those of you preparing Republican talking points, I am sure you have better sources of  numbers.  The numbers I used are from this link: http://historical-federal-budget.theblaze.com/compare/115-116/2012-estimate-vs-2013-estimate.

Obama has been whipping up this recipe for a long time, now it is time to let him eat it. With the painful reminders of the recent tax increases on everyone that earns a paycheck, Republicans will never have a better chance to prove we can cut spending and the country will survive. The sequester is a winning place to take a stand.