Wlimington DE: Your purpose is to serve as an example to others.

A gift to Wilmington Delaware from their good friends (and home town hero) Barack Obama and Joe Biden

The Philadelphia Daily News reports that Wilmington (DE) is in decline according to Wall Street.

” The high poverty rate in the cities slum predominately neighborhoods, scarred by drug trade and violence, along with fixed high costs including pensions economically sensitive revenues and weakening wealth levels makes it likely that Moody’s will cut the city’s bond ratings

OK, let me translate economic sensative revenues means when the approximately 1/2 of all fortune 500 business headquartered in Wilmington aren’t booming things go bust. Blame that on the Democrats in Washington such as Barack Obama and home town here Joe Biden. But this isn’t specifically directed at them, Wilmington is just innocent collateral damage in the democrats war on economic prosperity.

However this term “Weakening wealth levels” is the direct result of Obama gutting the economy of Delaware to buy votes in Ohio. Read this as Obama closed both automobile plants in our state and destroyed all the manufacturing, marketing, transportation, and distribution related business in the state in the process. These were the only large employers of high paid union skilled workers (meaning people without a college degree) and put Wilmington into a 37% unemployment bracket. Obama gutted Wilmington as part of his initiative to save the auto industry, in Ohio. There are hospitals and all those fortune 500 “virtual” headquarters business still in Wilmington but they just aren’t hiring the thousands of high school graduates, or non-graduates that were making those big union bucks building cars, or working in all those other industries supporting these two big manufacturing plants that now sit idle.

“Wilmington your purpose isn’t to achieve prosperity, but to serve as an example to others”
Even when the Vice President calls your neighborhood home, President Obama will still gut your economy and destroying your city to buy votes somewhere else.

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