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PART 1 Trains kill people, legislator wants to regulate trains.
Another example of what is wrong with politicians. We have a Republican this time trying to make trains suicide proof. The concept is mind boggling, see the last paragraph in the quote below. There is nothing you can do except take away all the trains that will make a train safe against someone bound and determined to get run into. It isn’t trains that kill people it is people that kill people. I would think Republicans would know better, the problem is the economy stupid even Septa gets that!

A recent rash of train-related deaths prompted State Sen. Stewart Greenleaf (R., Bucks-Montgomery) to urge SEPTA officials Thursday to do more to prevent such fatalities, even if it means reduced train speeds or lost revenue.

Although there is no clear reason why train deaths are up, many of the fatalities are suicides, and SEPTA general manager Joseph Casey said people may feel driven by economic pressures to take their lives.

Because tracks often are accessible and unguarded, they can be magnets for those looking for a shortcut, an adventure, or an end to life.

“It’s a problem that has frustrated us, always,” said James Jordan, general counsel for SEPTA and the agency’s former safety chief. “It’s an open system that can’t be fenced . . . and even at half the posted speed, it takes a long time to stop a train.”
Excerpted from an article by Paul Nussbaum, Inquirer Staff Writer
Posted: Friday, February 22, 2013, 7:36 AM

PART 2 Actual Value initiative – Proof Democrats never lower taxes.

First they pass the law, then when people start to complain, they add loop holes. Wonder if they charge for the loopholes or just trade them for votes.

If Council sets a 1.25 percent tax rate under AVI, 60 percent of homeowners will see tax increases, including several thousand by more than $1,000 a year.

“Should all property owners pay their fair share? Absolutely,” said Councilman Kenyatta Johnson, whose 2nd District includes some hard-hit areas, like South Philly, Point Breeze and the former Graduate Hospital area. “But, realistically, these residents did not create this system, and we need to recognize that some folks simply just cannot afford such a drastic increase all at once.”

Johnson introduced a bill Thursday that creates a hardship deferment that would allow eligible homeowners to defer any amount exceeding 2.5 times their previous tax bill until they can afford it, or until the house is sold. The owner must meet eligibility guidelines. The hardship would apply only to primary residences, and owners would have to pay at least $1,000 in property taxes. Deferred payments would be subject to a lien until payment.

The Nutter administration has some concerns about the bill. “We’re hoping the person would sell, but if they pass away, then the relatives inherit the debt,” said Revenue Commissioner Keith
excerpted from an article by

City Council has been flooded with calls from residents who are angry over skyrocketing assessments under the Actual Value Initiative.

Exceprts from an article by JAN RANSOM, Daily News Staff Writer [email protected],
Posted: Friday, February 22, 2013, 7:00 AM

Some take away thoughts.
– There are a log of people upset with City councel.
– Notice that no one suggested lowering taxes, Mayor Nutter’s administration appears to be on record that he wants people to move or die, either way he gets paid. It strikes me that anywhere else this would be considered racist, but I could have the demographics wrong.

For those of you that follow my thoughts on how we gain power please re-read PART 2 and tell me if you know where we might hire a wedge issue advocate to start a local community organization to agitate against the establishment AKA the Democrats! One thing is certain, these people did not think Obama was going to let real estate taxes double or triple or worse.

Side bar: Philadelphia has some of the lowest real estate taxes around. As a Jersey Resident I almost moved back to save 90% which is thousands a year. Even at this new rate Philadelphia taxes are only 1/4 of what I pay on a house of equal value in New Jersey.

Philadelphia and in fact the whole Delaware Valley is an area ripe for exploitation by a Community Freedom and Opportunity Organization Activist. This needs to be someone from “the ‘hood” that is a recent college graduate either unemployed or underemployed. Someone we can hire, train, employe and support to lead the fight against city hall. Hispanic, black and especially Asian ethnic groups, along with numerous European ethnic groups are concentrated in Philadelphia and have needs that aren’t being addressed properly by the progressive/socialist/Washington DC Government triumvirate. Hence the big tax hikes. All we need to do is light the spark and fuel the fire.

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