Revisiting a smart card based guest worker program.

Main principle anyone qualified can come to the country to work.

To Qualify

You must submit DNA, prints, and Photo identification. You must pass a “Pee Test” for drugs and common communicable diseases. Your data is submitted through national and international criminal databases and to qualify you must not have a criminal record or be a fugitive from justice. This data, and all your information goes into a database open to the public (with need to know limitations) and if you pass you are issued a guest worker smart card that replaces ALL other forms of ID. You have 90 days to prove you are gainfully employed.

To Remain.

You can stay as long as your are gainfully employed, free of criminal or health issues and prove it every 90 days. A company (i.e. Quest Diagnostics) will administer a DNA based ID test, perform blood and drug testing. The guest worker will submit all income, employer data, and housing data. The income will be verified against department of tax records and the cost of housing will be analyzed against verified income to determine a ration for the subject value “gainfully employed”. Those that meet the requirements will have there smart card updated for another 90 days. The fee for this is borne by the guest worker, or their employer.

Conditions of termination and compensation to the citizens.

There is no reason to demand that people become citizens. Many people who come here to work, and earn wages they cannot match in their native country may not want to stay. And they shouldn’t be forced to stay. Therefor no preference is given to guest workers and like anyone they are required to go through the full process of immigration. While a guest worker they are not entitled to benefits intended for citizens. This includes food stamps, welfare, housing assistance, government disability insurance and they do not accumulate credit towards Social Security. Remember they can stay only as long as they are gainfully employed. They do however have to pay all local, state and federal taxes towards these things and anything else. Congress can choose to reduce or eliminate the standard exemption as an additional fee for the right to work here.

The guest worker can purchase insurance against job loss, disability and health issues the same as anyone. However they still must prove gainful employment, and remain free of health issues and criminal activity, otherwise there right to stay is rescinded.

It is a felony to remain in the country on an expired guest workers card, Since anyone can get a card except criminals and the dangerously ill, this is fair. Since anyone can stay if they are a worker gainfully employed, this is fair. Since Citizen of past generations built the country that provides so many opportunities paying into their old age support is a fair way to compensate them and us.

Who has access to this information.
The guest worker smart card will link to a database where complete records are kept. If the guest worker qualifies for a drivers license (common or commercial) the smart card will serve as the only required ID. Employers will use the card to access the data base and get employment, training, education and housing experience, as well as validating the right to remain in the country. Employers can use common computer finger print devices to compare individuals for absolute identifications to prevent fraud. Medical records will be available to authorized medical personnel. Income, credit and housing history will be available to any landlord. And of course all DNA, Print, Iris scans, Identifying photos will be available to law enforcement,

If we are going to talk about immigration reform, lets start here. Recognized that there is a difference between someone who wants to come here and earn a good living, and someone that wants to adopt the USA as their country forever. It simplifies the discussion.