Republican vs Democrat, redefined for the times.

According to the guest on Bill Bennett’s Morning in America radio show Friday, the difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democrats trust in big government programs to solve America’s problems while Republicans trust in people. At one time this would have been a good answer. Karl Rove would have approved it. For the Reagonomics Era, from the 1980’s through the first half decade of this century, it probably served as an adequate description around which to build a political platform.

The Reagonomics Era is over. Today we are hurtling forward in a new direction as the Patronage economy is rapidly ascending. We can argue endlessly about what to call Obama’s economic model. But what makes us different has never been easier to explain.

Republicans believe government liberty must be restricted so people can prosper
Democrats believe that personal liberty must be restricted so government can prosper

There is nothing new to this. Obama’s patronage economic model is the third iteration of the Democrats foundational belief in the supremacy of the elite. While the membership in the elite has changed, the forms the control takes evolved, and the tools used adapted to the times, the purpose of the Democrats is the same. They pretend to help people, at the same time they divide people because they need to to control people. They do this to gain authority that they use to assure their prosperity.

There is no doubt Democrats want to control people so government can prosper. The question is do the Republicans actually believe that government should be controlled to allow people to prosper. If this is the case, there can be no compromise. Democrats exist to expand their power at the expense of personal liberty. If Republicans act only to reverse that trend there can be no common ground, no room for compromise.

We are operating in a political world much more like the 1950’s where the Democrat party has carved out a section of the country (at that time in the south) and dominated it from bottom up. Of course, these modern patronage economy Democrats control enough electoral college votes in the northern and west coast blue state regions that they can impose their will over the whole country without fear of being upended by a combination of liberals and conservatives.

The good news is that the establishment is the Democrats, and a heavy handed establishment it is. We can fight their excess with blue state community organizers, blue city community organizations and a national network that recruits, trains and coordinates efforts to undermine Democrat efforts to control the population.

Assuming we agree that we believe government should be controlled so people can prosper. Assuming we are willing to put together a modern network of interconnected political action, social services, cultural reinforcement, and community advocates that better address the needs of those the Democrat establishment take for granted. And assuming that we can retrain our elected officials who currently insist on letting Democrats put words in their mouths.