Ascent of the Patronage Economy.

Barrack Obama has been on a mission to fundamentally change America. It is a revolution and as has finally been noted by our side the target is the Reagan revolution. Obama is out to destroy the Republican party and to finish the job President Johnson started.

But what is that? With terms like collective efforts being bantered about there are overtones of Stalinist socialism. No question that his control of the press does have some of the appearances of that. But there is a closer, more traceable source for the kind of government Obama is imposing. It is the late Southern Democrat era of segregation. Forget history books, and liberal propaganda, segregation was the second iteration of the Democrat patronage economy. The first of course, was the era of slavery. When Democrats provided the political cover for the prototype elite, the plantation owner. Segregation wasn’t about race, but rather a means to control the competition for commerce. At a time when Blacks were Republicans, controlling blacks meant controlling the political competition. The tools of segregation, demographic groups, compliant media, a weak economy where buying an opportunity with kickbacks, participatory contributions, and political support was the only way to prosper. Join the good ‘ole boy network or the be part of the problem.

Barrack Obama wants to destroy the Republican party as we know it, and he is getting the cooperation of so many of the Republican leadership that simply don’t know what to do to get out of their own way. Things have been pretty stable for them, and they have grown weak, complacent. As a Democrat pointed out there is no opponent worthy of Barrack Obama’s talents. If he means our Republican leadership, I couldn’t agree more. I hate it, but it is true.

So what is the future for America when Barrack Obama sweeps away the Reagan Revolution. Higher taxes of course. Rich getting richer, at least the right rich, the good ‘ole boy rich. A bone here and a treat there to keep the masses (or patronage groups) in line. But segregation has the benefit of making all demographic groups become self managing. Each group becomes a heard or pack whose first interest is destroying any member that doesn’t wear the right colors proudly enough, for fear it will put the entire group at risk. Think Condi Rice.

But the real kicker is there needs to be someone to fear. And conservatives are that someone. Not quite as easy since it is harder to segregate us by something as visible as skin color. But the scare tactics are the same, ruin our women, corrupt our children, steal our jobs. Conservatives can go about their business, as long as they stay on their side of the streets. In modern terms that means as long as conservatives don’t get in the way of Obama’s extortion, as long as conservatives play there part when Obama needs a fall guy, or a boogie man, and conservatives don’t interfere with the patronage system. Like blacks in the Bull Conner/George Wallace era in the south, conservatives, and anyone likely to vote conservative will be relegated to the economic left overs. The slowly grinding to a halt economy will mean lots of competition for every opportunity leading to maximum benefit only to those who are or become good ole boys.

So, forget socialism, forget liberalism. What we have is the old southern democrat patronage economy of the era of segregation, taken down off the shelf, cleaned up and given a new coat of paint and trotted out in the Northern states where Democrats can control enough electoral collage votes to insure national compliance.

I don’t see how a blue state Republican can fight Obama. And until we find people on our side who will be willing to sacrifice themselves for the cause, defending our liberty will be beyond our reach. Our leaders have too much too loose and too little incentive to risk it. There are no John Adams in Washington today. People willing to put their lives, their fortunes and their security on the line to resist the Patronage economy.


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