Time for Ridcule - Why I am not upset about gun control

I know this is a serious subject but taking the Democrats seriously is NOT the way to end the discussion of gun control. Using Rule #5 “Ridicule is man’s most powerful weapon” is the way to shut the democrats up for good. And gun control could be the opportunity.

Why I am not upset about gun control.

Obama lived his high school years in an addle brained drug induced stupor. He isn’t going to end illegal drug smuggling, because even legalizing it doesn’t provide teenagers with the dope he wants them to have. So he won’t shut down the border, end drug gangs, stop smuggling or do any thing to get the guns out of the hands of drug distribution industry. Actually sometimes I think instead of seeing his birth certificate we should demand to see the results of a random drug test. But I digress…

Fifty years now we have been fighting a war on drugs. Everywhere you look, from the oval office to the states Democrats are giving up on getting those illegal substances out of circulation. Guns will be no different.

Making guns illegal could improve the quantity, quality and lower the price of some of the best assualt weapons in the world. The nearly 20 million AK’s in storage in Russia. No border fence, no smuggling control, no illegal alien deporting, why if I didn’t know better I would say a relative of Al Capone for Obama’s Chicago connection is consulting on this gun regulation thing.

Once guns are illegal, like drugs, you won’t need a waiting period, proof of citizenship, paperwork or any of the other myriad of things needed to acquire them. Like illegal drugs, illegal guns will be everywhere.  Think about drugs for a second. You can’t buy a decongestant without going to a drug store, showing ID, signing paperwork and going through all kind of control to prevent these common harmless pills from “falling into the wrong hands”, But stand in front of any high school for a while and you can get everything from Oxycontin to heroin without any paperwork, license check, or waiting in line. I don’t know what Obama is smoking but he can’t honestly believe making guns illegal will make them any more difficult to get then a crack, can he?

Folks, the problem with John Boehner is he believes Obama’s hype. We need someone with a sense of humor who can laugh at the stupid things that Obama keeps proposing. Obama  can”t balance a check book. He is like a drug addled know it all college freshman, calling home and demanding mom and dad send more money, stop eating meat, sell the SUV, give up your guns. But no matter how much money you give them they can’t balance their check book or control their spending. So they keep calling and demanding more, got to have more. More, give me more.  Then they run off somewhere following some pied piper to wonderland on the way to saving the world from the latest craze stuffing the hat with cash you can’t afford to give away.

Laughing at them. At what they promise opposed to they actually do is simply the best way to make them go to ground.

The next Republican President is the guy who can stand up  and say with a Reaganesque laugh “Wait a minute, you just signed tax increases you promised would fix everything. Before working people even get to see what the Obama tax rate is costing them you want more?  Don’t you know what you are doing? The government doesn’t  need more money, you Mr. President need to get a clue. That’s not leadership, that is a good imitation of a Jack Russel Terrier going throw the money ball, bounce,  throw the money ball, bounce, throw the money ball, bounce….



You ask any D.E.A. man,
He’ll say There’s nothin’ we can do,
From the office of the President,
Right down to me and you, me and you. – Glen Fry, Smugglers Blues.