Some quick thoughts on the tax bill

The NEA executives would probably have had to pay more in taxes, if the Republicans did nothing after we went over the cliff. The legislators in Washington would have had to pay more in taxes if we did nothing after America went over the fiscal cliff.  I would like to add a  new  bracket category to the rich, middle class and working class.

The Rich income bracket is now defined as paying taxes on earnings of  more than $400,000.00 per year.

The Middle Class income bracket is now defined as paying taxes on earnings capped at $200, 000.00 per year.

The lobbyist & politicians income bracket. It is that area between 200,000 and 400,000 that Obama agreed should get tax breaks because of the important support they give him. Boehner, McConnell and Obama carved out this niche in the income bracket levels for the good of the country I am sure.

The “best we could do” was good because it was the best deal legislators  could work out for themselves. Now lobbyists were not given raises by Obama, like the legislators were, but does anyone think that lobbyists are going to do worse under Obama. It is a boom industry. And it makes sense to lump legislators and lobbyists together because they seem to be two faces of the same creature. Lobbyists spend other peoples money to gain political power but legislators spend other peoples money to gain political power.  Got that?

Closing this deal on New Years day was tantamount to Pelosi passing ObamaCare in the middle of the night so we could read it to see what was in it. Same thing here, the bill is passed now we get to read it. The 112th Congress simply kicked the can down the road, not far, it landed in the lap of the 113th Congress but if I understand this right there are less Republicans so it should be easier for Boehner to get Obama’s way  now. No more need for golf course conferences. With more Democrats he can be more open about his negotiations. Two years from now maybe he might even get to be speaker over a Democrat Congress, especially if he keeps up with this level of work.