Obama buys third term

The price was cheap.

  1. Raise Legislator salaries for the first time in years, so the pain of the taxes that were raised for everyone won’t hurt.
  2. Raise the threshold so that enough of the Representatives and Senatorswon’t get hit with soak the rich rates unless their wives make absurd income.
  3. Allow John Boehner to hold Ohio Represnetative’s seat as his fief as long as he keeps the opposition squad in line.
  4. Suitable goodies in the spending bill that was passed under the guise of a tax policy correction.

What we just witnessed was all theater in the tradition of the Movie, “The Sting”. We are the dupes.

Now here is the problem we face. If we challenge these people. Obama wins. If we don’t what difference does it make since they are part of the problem. So two years from now Republican show up and re-elect some of the same faces, but not enough to keep a majority. Or we don’t and Obama gets a super majority.

Either way, I don’t see how Obama doesn’t get a third term. Welcome to the era of post partisan politics, Huey Long style.