Cutting spending, shrinking government, painlessly? Not

General numbers. About forty percent of our spending is for discretionary items. The same amount that is deficit spending, The truth is that if you cut 40% of the spending to balance the budget or you shut down the government (except for non-discretionary spending) the result will be exactly the same.

Two years ago, give or take a few days, we voted to create the 112th Congress and gave them the power to stop the out of control spending. They could have stopped the spending with or without the administrations cooperation. They could have forced the Obama administration cut spending, or simply shut down the government and negotiate with the Obama administration over how to turn the spending taps back on, which taps to open and how much. The 112th Congress did not do this, either because they failed or they sabotaged the effort.

There is no painless way out of this. Too many are praying that they can get through it without pain, maybe get rich or reach the end of their years before the implosion begins. It is irresponsible. The baby boomers and the so called greatest generation did this to the country. The greatest generation turned out to be the greatest con artists and stole the money the baby boomers paid into the government for their retirement. The baby boomers are responsible for this disaster because they never held the government responsible to pay it’s way. Letting government bribe them with promises for candy that would delivered in the future. Candy that includes absurd and ridiculous pensions that were never funded, absurd ecological restrictions that destroyed our industrial base, the main driver of our prosperity and security, and the growth of a patronage system that is the rival of any country in the world.

So we have an obligation to correct what we created on our watch. It means that for a time we will suffer. It should be a time of our own choosing, when our resources remain strong and are not stretched beyond survivability by years of slow depletion. It should have happened two years ago. Today could be the day, when they simply choose not to raise the debt ceiling. But I doubt it.
The longer we wait the worse it will be. And if we wait too long someone else will impose austerity on us, or on those who follow us. Maybe the United Nations, maybe the Chinese, maybe the immigrants everyone seems to wants to embrace. This could explain why both China and the Democrats (and possibly the United Nations) are agitating to take away our guns.