Are we in this to win, or sleep well at night.

The first step in getting what we want in Washington is to stop arguing about what is the best way to do everything and concentrate on the need for power. The Democrats understand this. Who is our Diane Feinstein? Who is sitting in the wings just waiting for an opportunity to advance power grabbing legislation that will help weaken the grip of the establishment progressives? Who can step up? I want to see our own legislation advanced immediately to help protect our children. Not just any legislation. These specific proposals.

1. Propose that all education block grants be distributed to parents of students in the form of education vouchers, to be spent on the schools where the parents feel their children will be the safest and best educated.

2. Someone else should propose that the education department be eliminated, since the Obama administration has eliminated all funding for school security. That the funds be returned to the states (or better yet let the states collect them and offset them against federal tax obligations proportionately). Parents can then insist that the local education administrations protect their children, without interference or neglect from the Obama administration of this very important responsibility.

I am for smaller federal government, are you? Lets start doing some things to make that happen. There has to be someone who has sat in the congress for a long time that is not afraid to take on these tough challenges. The democrats are the establishment, we need to push back against the federal establishment the way Diane Feinstein does at every opportunity.

Lets point out that prohibition doesn’t work. Alcohol prohibition didn’t work, drug prohibition didn’t work, and with millions upon millions of arms in former soviet bloc nations gun prohibition won’t work. The federal government can’t control the border any way, it won’t even try. The federal government can’t control the flow of prohibited drugs across the border, or illegal immigrants coming across the border, again it won’t even try. In fact it doesn’t know how to control it’s own spending let alone control guns or protect schools. That is the responsibility of the local government anyway, and if the feds would get out of the way and stop bleeding the tax payers dry, there might actually be something left for the school boards to use to pay for a guard, a security contractor, security departments, or real in depth protection.

As for vouchers, parents should be able to send their kids where ever they feel they will be safest, and think they can get the best education. The federal government has a lot of distractions and we can’t hold them accountable simply because they stopped paying attention to the safety of our children. That should be our concern, the decision and the responsibility should be made locally. We don’t need more federal intervention, we need the federal government to admit their failure and step aside so we can protect our most children ourselves. Time to cut out the middleman, Washington. Time to cut out the middleman’s profit that they keep in Washington, and time to cut out the middleman who has fallen asleep on the job.

And if in the process Catholics and other church leaders that run alternative education programs, Hispanics, Asians, and families with school age children happen to notice that Republicans are offering solutions that give them more control over things that matter to them and that maybe voting Democrat isn’t such a great thing, it might change the colors on the map. That is what Feinstein is trying to do. Where is our champion?