Where gun control belongs in our discussions.

Arguing about whether guns are protected is a waste of energy, because government can’t control anything, they can’t control the border,  they can’t control illegal immigration, they can’t control drugs, they can’t control the mentally ill who make our streets unsafe for children, and our put our health at risks, they can’t control repeat criminals, or flash mobs. They can’t even control there own spending. They always just give up and talk amnesty so they can’t start over. Arguing about whether guns should be controlled gives the Democrats ammunition to make us look crazy. Arguing about government’s failure to control anything makes the Democrats look incompetent, and gives us ammunition to gain more power in the next election. And the great thing is, the big cities where the results of the policies are the most visible are all controlled by progressive democrats.

We should not have this discussion now, flying flags at half mast isn’t the same as actually showing some respect and allowing a reasonable period of morning. The funerals are not over. But the Democrats want to make this argument now and we need to have the tools in place to allow them to make themselves look foolish. We do that by focusing on what government can’t do.

Move past the discussion of if guns should be controlled and focus on how government would do thatThat discussion is how we shut up the liberals. Government control is important, beginning for example with the guns that are moving freely back and forth the border. In order to control guns in America we need to lock down the border. Otherwise, illegal guns from Mexico, like illegal drugs and illegal immigrants will simply flood the market coming across the border. There are tens of millions of unused AK style assault rifles in Russia alone that someone would love to turn into cash. So the first step in controlling guns is that the government needs to control the border. If you politicians can’t control the border shut up about controlling guns.

Drugs. They are illegal, they are not illegal, they are expensive, they are big business, moving them is the modern equivalent of shipping the mine payroll by express. Like the song says, “you gotta carry guns because you gotta carry cash”. So lets go ahead and control guns, starting by controlling the flow of illegal drugs. We do this by making drug crimes stick. Eliminate non-criminal possession and make the penalty for possession hurt. Make the penalty for a second offense a felony. Spend money, put people in modern industrial containment communities and make it a hard labor crime. Make sure that the people who do get out have strong muscles, and a skill with their hands.  Get the drugs out of the cities, get the prisoners locked up and keep them there and enforce with aggression ban on criminal possession of guns.

If politicians can’t control the flow of illegal drugs they need to shut up about controlling guns.

Now lets talk about reducing the chance of guns being used for horrific acts of murder. The guns used by the mass murder at Sandy Hook included pistols by Glock, and  Sig Sauer and a sport version of a military rifle by Bushmaster. These pistols are popular with police with thousands of police forces and the rifles are popular with sport enthusiasts because ammo is readily available but then again so is the load for the AK weapons. To identify any specific gun that will become a mass murder weapon by studying the gun isn’t possible. There is no condition of being a gun that is identifiable in a way that you can isolate one given gun as being less likely to behave properly when used then another. Now look at the shooter. The Newtown school district flagged him as dangerous before entering high school and maintained records on him throughout his time there. He was closely monitored, then set loose on the world without proper supervision. You can tell when a person is likely to be a danger to himself or others. Would you arrest a million citizens because on person is insane, or mentally ill? Where is the logic in going after millions of guns, not one of which can do harm when properly used on the off hand change one might be used by someone who is mentally ill or insane. Where is the logic of not maintaining control over people that can be expected to do harm to themselves and others when left uncontrolled.

And it is far more than just guns and mass murders. Our streets, parks, and libraries in most big cities are over run with the mentally ill. Advocates for their freedom explain that adults should be able to deal with this, but when did we stop making our streets safe for children. When did we stop caring about the medical costs of untreatable communicable diseases such as tuberculosis that is festering and evolving in this environment. Why are we putting the entire society at risks protecting the rights of mentally ill patients to discontinue treatment at their whim leading to treatment resistant diseases that threaten everyone. When did  we stop carrying that mentally ill people crowd our libraries spending hours watching porn on library computers, forcing libraries to have separate rooms just for children so they are not exposed to these screens and there is a separation between the watcher and the child. A barrier often manned by nothing more than a rightfully very scared twenty something woman with a penchant for education who could offer little protest should the situation become out of control.  Too few people realize how dangerous people suffering with schizophrenia can be, and combined with their ability to simply opt out of treatment this lack of control is as dangerous as guns. Lets get this under control.

In short, we have budget deficits, that the government can’t control, we have criminals that the government can’t control,  we have a decades long war on drugs that has not resulted in control, we have terribly high crime rates including murders and drug dealing in the big cities where these gun advocates are that is not under control. Lets get these things under control if for no other reasons then to prove the government has the ability to do anything it says it will do because it is supposed to do it. And then, we can talk about gun control.

Everything else is a cover up for the real guilty parties at Sandy Hook. The industrial education complex held hostage by greedy unions that suck every dollar up and leave nothing to spend on common sense security. The government in Washington that mandates gay and lesbian education but doesn’t provide funding for security or mental health unless the Republicans ear mark it. The liberal advocates for the mentally ill, who refuse to admit that some (not all) need to be constrained for their own good and ours. The ObamaCare advocates, and Obama himself that intends to control the health care system and has not even addressed the need for effective care for the mentally ill.

The establishment is at fault for what happened at Sandy Hook. The liberal establishment, because they are the establishment. This is another failure of the liberal establishment that means well but gives us “projects” that do more harm than good. And when that harm becomes obvious, it is always much worse because of the concentration of the victims.  But they mean well.

We have to push back against the establishment, which is the Obama/progressives/liberal dominated government and bureaucracy with the tools that will work. And pushing back with wedge issues that place the burden of responsibility on results, not intentions and drives a wedge between the voter that votes reflexively or defensively for the democrats and the progressives who are controlling the government is our responsibility.

Politicians need to prove that they can control illegal activities that are associated with guns, illegal immigration, illegal drugs, and they need to show they can take the steps to protect our children even the hard steps like controlling the mentally ill who are a danger to themselves or others, and controlling the spread of diseases by confining and controlling those with the disease until they are cured, or until they are no longer capable of spreading the disease.

After the progressive government establishment proves that it can control the risks to our children and our society that are already their responsibility to control, then we can talk controlling guns.

Got that Senator Feinstein?


It’s the politics of contraband,

It’s the smuggler’s blues…

– Glenn Frey