Anything but debt the ceiling.

Give Obama anything he wants on taxes, and a few months from now Joe Q Public starts asking why we need to raise the debt ceiling after Obama fixed the taxes. Give him the debt ceiling and Joe Q Public thinks everything in Washington is fine now, because see, we don’t have to keep fighting to borrow money and that means we are not borrowing more, right?

Do not trade the debt ceiling limitation for anything. Even if it means taxes go up for everyone.

This is a battle we can’t win, this is a game we can’t win. Change the game.

Here is a proactive idea. Demand that Obama restore Medicare Advantage. Take my word for it this will be the biggest thing in the next election. Probably before the end of 2013. Be the first to come out for it. Take it on to the bill and give Obama all the tax hikes he wants.

We want credit from the seniors for protecting their interests. We want Obama to have to beg for debt ceiling increases even after he raises taxes because that makes everyone aware that we need more taxes or less spending. We want the Seniors to know we are looking out for them.

Anything else is selling out. And a speaker who sells out should be out.

As for taxes, once people realize how much taxes have to go up to balance the budget, we can run on lowering spending and most importantly lowering taxes. If we raise the debt ceiling we can’t do anything significant to lower it later and we can’t run on that as a campaign slogan and win.


Why can’t we win this game? Obama sits back and does nothing and in six weeks we have the Obama tax cuts, no more Bush tax cuts. Obama is happy. Give him what he wants now, Obama is happy. I did not vote Republican to make Obama happy, it is an unintended consequence.  But Boehner has good intentions.