Nadler and Bloomburg - they just couldn't wait.

Guns, these things always involve guns. They involve people that can’t adjust normally to society and guns. They always involve media hysteria, people who can’t adjust to society, people who are criminals. people who are perpetual troublemakers, people who are broken though no fault of their own, but broken none the less, people who are a threat to themselves and to others, and they involve defenseless children. I don’t remember this being a common problem in the past. However bloody Clyde Barker was he didn’t target children.

These modern catastrophe’s are not created by criminals. They are not created by economic disparity or oppression.  They are created when progressive liberalism imposes behavior change with the best of intentions but the worst outcomes.  They are created through the power of the progressive control over the liberal government establishment. Behavioral change that seeks to reverse societal defense mechanisms gained through the process of natural selection.The same selection process they will reference to defend to explain our existence they seek to undermine with their control over the education system, and the behavior of normal society towards those that will not, or cannot fit in with that society. Without imperial data, my gut tells me that the number of people who are broken,  combined with a 24 hour media cycle and progressive liberal policies that defend and even encourage anti-social and anti-societal behavior isn’t a good combination.  The problem seems obvious. Guns are involved but it is people that are out of control. Remember that not one gun was involved in the 9/11 terrorist attack. But people were.

It is time to have a serious discussion about Progressive Liberal policies that corrupt our schools and put our children at risk.  Policies that herd all school age children into holding pens operated more often than not for the convenience of the industrial education complex and not for the benefit of the children.

Lets ask some hard questions. Is it the best thing for society and for the safety of our schools to mainstream children with developmental disabilities?Is it in their best interests? Is it in our societies best interest to ignore anti-social behavior. Whether this is goth culture or drug culture, should we not be setting high standards. Is it best for our children not to give parents more say in what schools their children attend, and what those schools teach.

In every instance we do have guns, but we also have  broken people. There are millions of guns, the guns in these cases were not broken. There are hundreds of millions of people, but the people involved were all broken. Maybe it is time to look at how society is dealing with these broken people, what we are doing to our children as a result and consider something we haven’t done in nearly fifty years. It is time to hold progressive liberals responsible  for the damage their polices have on society. They have been regulating people for fifty years. Progressive Liberals use their power over people to foster a tolerance of actions and behavior that is a clear threat to that society.

It is time to talk about the regulation of people,  not guns. It is time to talk about how Progressive liberals have been regulating all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons. It is time to talk about the damage Progressive Liberal regulation of people  has caused and how to change those regulations to reduce this risk.