REED: No time for deal or does he mean here comes Obama's tax cuts?

For everyone that wants to hold the line on taxes and threatens to castigate any Republican that votes to raise any taxes repeat after me.  “We can win in 2014 defending the Obama tax cuts”.

Because that is what is coming. Obama has never negotiated in good faith because he can manipulate the Republicans into doing what he wants, and we help him.

He wants Americans to shut up about the Bush tax cuts. He wants Republicans to take the blame for raising taxes on the working class, he wants to take credit for undoing the damage the Republicans have done and he wants to do it in January. He will roll back the tax breaks, while still raising the tax levels, he will do it to who he wants and how he wants. And if Republicans refuse to support the Obama tax breaks for any reason they might as well pack up their tent and quit.

And all this could have been avoided. All the Republicans had to do was say “yep, you are wrong but you won, so you get to choose how much people pay in taxes”, and by the way, we want to protect senior citizens by restoring Medicare Advantage. You can have your tax rates we want to make sure that the schools are properly serving the needs of major metropolitan school district residents by dedicating funds to provide 100% voucher access for all those residents from existing education block grants. Two simple acts that will go over well with urban ethnic voters, Reagan Democrats and independents as well as blue state senior voters, putting Obama in a corner.

Republicans are a shell of the party that once lead the country from the depths of the cold war to the liberty we so recently enjoyed. The progressive movement is a cancer on this nation and you know what happens when you ignore the warning signs of cancer.  These Republicans will let Obama get everything he wants. Higher tax rates, increased class warfare, increased influence through loop holes and crony capitalism, and worse, they will let him end the last commonly used phrase that ties the Republicans to anything that touches the regular blue state voter. The end of the term “Bush tax cuts”.

Repeat after me, It is 2014 and the Republicans are promising to extend the Obama tax cuts to the richer tax brackets as their campaign strategy.

We have to get in there and make it hard for Obama by forcing him to spend on things we want and worry less about things we can’t control without more political power. But we don’t make it hard for Obama, we don’t take the easy wins, we walk off the field with our principles intact and our influence all but vanished. If we Republicans voters are too stupid to realize focusing on directing how Obama spends and on who Obama spends money instead fighting tax hikes that we can’t stop anyway could create wedge issues that re-brand the Republicans as the defenders of the seniors and minorities (cutting into the Obama base) then we deserve to be the slaves in the field working to fund Obama’s blue state patronage programs.

Speaking from “Out of the Blue”

You can’t always get what you want, But if you try sometimes you just might find,  You get what you need – Mick Jagger/ Keith Richards