Time to get serious.

The Obama administration is not negotiating in good faith. This comes as a surprise? The Obama administration sees everything, including the “fiscal cliff” negotiations in terms of a long term strategy to gain power and influence. There is no reason for Obama to negotiate. The only power that the Republicans have is to shut down all spending, in effect, shutting down the government. Power is not only what you have but what your opponent thinks you have. Obama thinks the Republicans have nothing. Is he wrong?

On the other hand, if the Republicans cave after this big fuss, Democrats run on protecting people from the Republicas who would have taxed everyone. If they stand firm, Republicans raised taxes to protect the rich, the Democrats propose tax cuts for the middle class and the Republicans are backed into a corner. Either the give Obama what he wants, AND credit for being the tax cut leader or they have to vote against tax cuts.

Obama isn’t isn’t kicking the can down the road, he is simply kicking Boehner’s butt. Representative Boehner looks like a deer in the headlights, a pee-wee quarterback facing an all pro NFL line. He looks like a puppet and Obama is pulling the strings. Obama is playing hard ball politics for control of the greatest nation on earth, and Boehner is playing small ball tidally winks. Boehner wants his constituents to like him, even if he gets nothing done, Obama wants to rule and rulers demand only respect. Two years from now we will be arguing to defend the Obama Tax Cuts. Not the Bush Tax cuts. How will that go over?

There is only one way that the Republicans can win this battle. And it means risking everything, because too many of us will punish our own representatives if they don’t do exactly as we say. Win or loose.

In every form of self defense one of the fundamental tactics is to use your opponents momentum against them. The tax hikes are going to go through, Boehner cannot stop that. What Boehner could do is use this against Obama, setting up Democrats for the next election.

Give Obama what ever he wants in tax hikes, anything he wants in TAX HIKES, but demand that money be used to restore Medicare Advantage. Demand that money be dedicated for school vouchers for “targeted” urban districts.

Now the conversation has changed. Now if Obama vetoes the bill because he  really does want  the “Obama Tax Cuts”, he will have stood against senior citizens and urban ethnic communities. If he signs it the Obama Tax Hike bill we get to champion the rights of the urban ethnic communities that supposedly are conservative at heart and the Seniors realize that the Republicans are looking out for them.

Stop letting Obama pull the strings, reach up, grab those strings and give them a yank. Use Obama’s momentum against him to draw him off guard and score a knock down for a change. I would rather we had to run on rolling back the Obama tax hikes that we reluctantly agreed to give him, then run against the Obama tax cuts. I wold rather we ran as champions for the free market education funding, I would rather we ran as protectors of the Seniors free market medicare solutions. But that assumes that there IS a Republican party in two years. Personally, right now, even though I am a registered Republican I can’t for the life of me figure out how the party will last that long.



“Out of the Blue”