In reply to Ned Ruyn, we are blinded, not stupid.

Ned Ruyn’s post “I Think Sometimes We are Truly a Stupid Movement” brings up important weaknesses in our fundamental approach to politics that if we cannot resolve will condemn us to failure.

All is not lost for us, but it will be unless we change our approach to politics as a whole. When confronted with great challenges and wondering where to start, do the obvious. And the obvious for us is to commit to grassroots development now, to having a presence in the field in the key states between now and 2016, and an improvement on our data and technology.

It is neither that we are stupid or too smart for our own good. What we are is blind. We have equated sin with spending, and equated using government to advance good as evil. We reject activism as a sin of atheist socialism. And we have demonized community organizing. We have defined purity and associated it with government policy and defined action as interference with God’s will.

Ned Ruyn’s ideas are attacked by people who think his suggestions are to surrender to the devil, if they understand them at all. What Ruyn describes is found in the forward of Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Alinsky defines radicals as people that are tired of talking about problems and want to get involved. We are the ones that have turned getting involved into a sin. We have defined radicals as something evil. We have defined Alinsky’s rules as evil. We have defined anyone that gets involved as succumbing to evil. We can defend gun rights because we recognize that guns are just tools, but we attack anyone suggesting that we should learn how to use the tools of politics. The rules are just tools, but if we surrender them for use only by those we condemn, we are condemned to be without tools to win.

This demonizing is killing any hope we have for the future and is turning off voters we must have to win state wide and national office. Congress we can get, their districts are local. Governors we can get, but the Senate and Oval office is eluding us. For four election cycles we have seen a swing to more government. We think this is evil, so we refuse to participate, we stand and demonize spending, we stand and demonize independents and Reagan Democrats, then we turn our backs and let them all rot in the hell of their own making.

And we think this is going to win us popularity. Folks, conservatives have become bores. Useless, unreliable bores. Ryun proposes we do something in this article. It is worth repeating.


…commit to grassroots development now, to having a presence in the field in the key states between now and 2016…

This is a call to action, to get involved, it is a call to take up community organizing. It is a call to stop all the demonizing of those who want to do something to change the course and direction of this country other than just hold our breath and turn blue. It is a call for us to understand why the Democrats control the blue states and then to do something to fix it.

As someone fighting a conservative insurgency behind the blue steel curtain, I can tell you that years of wallowing in a hell of our making isn’t going to be fixed by smaller national government. Momentum, inertia and the entrenched progressive bureaucracy prevent any progress, What is needed is action alternatives to liberal entrapment. Conservatives are going to have to lead the way out, not just point in the right direction. Picture this problem as you would a stampede of animals heading off the cliff. If all you do is stop chasing it when it isn’t going the way you want won’t keep it from going off the cliff, the stampede once started has a mind of it’s own. If you want to win in the elections, you have to get in there and change the direction that means getting in with the herd on the run and nudging it one act at a time in the right direction. We need to understand the rules and for that you have to read the book and more importantly apply the principles. We need to found and fund organizations that do things for people now, people in blue states, until we can show them a path to a better way. They have to have an alternative to submitting to the progressives entrapment. This is what Ned is suggesting.

Before we can turn the power of government back to the founders intent, before we can restore federalism, before we can extend liberty to all as we had come to expect it to be, we must get control over what government does, and that means we have to do it. Then we can do it better. Then we can show the way to a government that does less because it is no longer needed. But first we must address the need now. And to do that we need to understand the tools.

Databases, good representatives, and the desire for good GOTV will never overcome community organizations active in peoples daily lives, day in and day out,  24 months per election cycle. Delivering needed services to each community. And for us to do that is going to require a change of attitude. No more condemning, no more demonizing, we must deliver constructive positive contributions. We can’t expect to show up for one month every couple years and expect a great welcome. Without a community organizational plan, we become exact copies of the worst characterization of conservatives. “People who like to talk about politics, but don’t do anything”.