Actions speak louder than words

Because the government misappropriated money collected from the baby boomers to offset their future social security expense the federal government is going to be in the whole every year from now on and it will get worse. We must take advantage of this opportunity to prove we can be trusted. It is a different approach for your consideration.

To win the oval office we need seniors. Instead of the dog and pony show of fighting Obama to cut spending and reduce taxes, only to see Boehner give Obama everything he wants lets stand aside. Do not “block” their efforts to right the country by taxing the value out of everything and everyone. But add earmarks that restore Medicare Advantage for a couple years. This has numerous benefits. We become the champions protecting the elderly with a market based solution that is very popular with the middle class.

We need the inner cities. They are the hotbed of ethnic diversity. One way to get them is to target education opportunities. First, as Obama spends more on education we earmark giant swaths of it for alternative education support. Charter schools, military schools, private schools, religious schools, scholarships etc. We make this funding available directly to the parents or guardians of school age children. We attach the money to the child not block grant it to the state. Let the parents of the child cash it where they want. This serves several purposes. It shows all urban parents we can govern without imposing spartan sacrifices. That we care and will do things to help, But most importantly that free market ideas we advocate can and do make their lives better. And it undermines the Educational Industrial Complex that Obama cherishes.

These are just two examples of how we can change the dialog by letting the Obama administrations big promises, and out of control spending do our work for us of demonizing their failed ideas. We all know higher taxes are going to crush the economy. Standing up and throwing a temper tantrum doesn’t win the trust of people who we need to govern. People who may agree with us but are scared of what government is doing but do not trust us because we are unknown to them. Insisting that if we all tightened our belts everything would be fine just doesn’t sell like the demonizing that the democrats do when we try and stand up and protect liberals from their own excesses.  The election proves that we need actions not words.

Here is the platform

The GOP doesn’t agree that increased taxes will reverse our economic slide, BUT, elections have consequences, and so we will work to make sure at least the money will benefit the people it is supposed to help and not be funneled off by Democrats to buy votes from big union, big government, big business and the entertainment industry cronies that can afford  $25,000.00  a plate dinners with Obama expecting hand outs in return.

As for the high taxes? The more Obama taxes the more we can repeal when we win the oval office and control of the senate. I know for many people there will be some pain, but we are fighting a serious fight for the future of our country. We can’t seriously expect to win without taking any risks, and without feeling any pain, can we?