What New Jersey needs more than Government assistance.

President Obama visited with Governor Christie today.  For this, President Obama deserves recognition. Given all the times Obama did not react to emergencies  either in an appropriate or timely manner this interest in Sandy is evidence that given enough time the President can at least learn something new. But the truth is, there is Zero benefit to the President touring the devastation. His presence didn’t speed recovery and interferred with the critical movement of materials, equipment and manpower needed to perform real work. But also in Obama’s defense, hand wringing has never gotten anything done, and every POTUS has the same conflict; stay away and risk being called detached, visit and risk being called a nuisance. President Obama did the right thing.

Too bad it took a Republican Governor to teach Obama some responsibility.

Seeing Obama and Christie together is just another example of Obama “feeling your pain”. But let me ask you, do you really think he will do anything other than turn this over to his highly partisan management staff and move on to campaigning? Of course not. Obama can’t stay focused on anything that long. It may be that being POTUS is the longest he has ever stuck at one job in his life. In the days ahead do you think Chris Christie will let anyone forget these promises? Who do you think, by the first of the year will be seen as a great leader, Obama or Christie? How long do you think thin skin Barry will take calls from Christie?

No, when it comes to reacting to circumstances out side his control President Obama is the master. He emotes, gets angry, places blame, raises attention and generally is great doing a decent imitation of a spot light. But the brightness soon fades, or is focused elsewhere, and what is left is everyday people coping not only with disaster, or loss, but also the remnants of the media glare.

But we don’t elect presidents because they are good at reacting. We elect them to be proactive. Obama has had almost four years to put the country on the right track, and the truth is, even his belated booklet for restoring America is full of proven failed ideas. Hire more teachers, tax the rich.

The most important thing that New Jersey can get from President Obama is the end of his term. We tried his ideas and the results are unsatisfactory. Liberal keep electing liberals and trying liberal ideas because liberals mean well. But they never ever focus on results When liberals start to do well, then American can afford to try more of their ideas. But liberal ideas don’t produce acceptable results

And what New Jersey  needs is economy policy that is based on performance not intentions. With real quantifiable results. We need an economy producing more jobs then there are people entering the workforce. We need the 20 and 30 somethings moving up the ladder. What New Jersey needs is a ladder of success that the young people can climb. New Jersey will be rebuilt by citizens, not government.  But unless there is a radical improvement in opportunities, it will take some time. So many of the homes along the coastline are owned by people who acquired them during the housing bubble, when democrat polices literally forced banks to issue loans to unqualified  buyers. These are second homes, investments for retirement. Now worthless (even before the destruction) the incentive to replace them is minimal. Take the money and run could hurt rebuilding efforts. It could hurt tax revenue in the communities.

What we need is prosperity and Obama can’t deliver that.

No matter what Obama does today, the most important thing Obama can do to help New Jersey is get out of the way and let Romney/Ryan bring prosperity back to this country. We need to reverse the slide in family incomes and see them on the rise again. We need to see industry and energy expanding in our state and our region.  We need energy development both for the huge boost to the employment, and for the benefit from the sale of those resources. We need to use our coal, our oil and our natural gas to generate power and cash. Drilling and producing will probably lower the price, but if it doesn’t at least the money will be flowing from the world to America, and not the other way. Growing business, expanding energy production, building our industrial infrastructure so there is real growth in the middle class skilled jobs and craft union  jobs that provided the fuel that powered the American middle class.  And to see this we need Romney/Ryan.

Romney/Ryan can do more for New Jersey than Obama can because Obama will just take more from everyone else to buy himself the illusion of success. Sooner or later, those of us that don’t have expensive water front homes are going to say “enough”. Romney/Ryan’s plan is to create more wealth so there is more resources for everyone, and from this growing prosperity Americans will restore New Jersey shore towns and villages.  It is demand, created by prosperity that will drive the growth that replaces the destruction that Sandy visited on New Jersey.

The best recovery plan that Chris Christie can expect would involve the departure of Obama, not just from New Jersey, but from public office.

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