Obama creates first campaign dashboard sticker - Forward

Reminds me of the labels Will Smith stuck on the handle of his “space craft” in the movie Independence day.

Back in the fall of 2010, I heard Obama state that the Republicans had “driven the car into the ditch and now they want the keys back”. Oh, Republicans are welcome to come along for the ride but they have to sit in the back.

Ignoring the blatant racist overtones, I find it a sign of mental weakness or exhaustion that Obama’s hope and change campaign has morphed into what is a motivational poster for his staff. We go this way now!

After four years of watching our economy slip backwards, our life style and standard of living slip backwards, and our freedoms slip further backwards I find it enlightening that the Obama administration needs to post directional movational posters all over America. Perhaps in the hopes that the minions he has surrounded himself with will get the hint and work together to go, you know, FORWARD?

If Obama had the right plans, and the right skills he wouldn’t need to tell everybody the way we should be going. Forward. Everyone would already be working in that direction. The problem is, when you vote in Democrats you vote in people deep in dept to their special interests, more interested in carving up what somebody else made then in moving Forward.

So this time, lets elect people, starting at the top, that not only can take the keys, but can get the country moving in the right direction. And let’s give them all the support needed by filling the legislatures with people that know instinctively which direction is right, without having to be reminded we are supposed to be moving Forward.

Hopefully Romney and Ryan will pick up on this. Why does the Obama campaign feel necessary to remind every one the direction the country is supposed to be moving in? Or is it just his minions that forgot he was supposed to move the country forward.

Romney/Ryan  Forward and on the right track