Get the story straight.

Don’t come bragging to me about voting to repeal ObamaCare. My mailbox is already full of solicitations for donations by people who want me to help defeat the Republicans cap on my medical spending, forcing me into penury and suicide because Obama Care lifted the cap that greedy insurance companies placed on my life time benefits.

And don’t come asking for money because you are on record to attempt to repeal ObamaCare, for about the umpteenth time, knowing full well it won’t get to the floor of the Senate. My inbox is already full of solicitations for donations to save the most needy among us, those children over 18 and those with pre-existing conditions that heartless Republicans want to pull the plug on and let die.

No sir, not interested. I am one of those tea party types that thinks the dumbest among us isn’t as stupid as the lot of you. But just in case the lights are on and someone is home somewhere in Washington let me give you the story so you can memorize it and not have to think.

1. The mandate is a tax. That is the WHOLE mandate, you got to buy insurance? That is a tax payment. Did your insurance premiums go up at all since 2008? That is a tax increase, mandated by government. Why if your insurance went up just 20 dollars a week that is a whopping $1000.00 tax increase. Mine have gone up more than that and my copay has increased as well putting me in the category that I have nearly a greater increase in taxes for ObamaCare then the amount I have to pay in taxes each year.
2. The penalty is a penalty for not paying your taxes. How long do you think it will be before Democrats impose the tax and the penalty. How long will it take the 15000 new IRS agents Obama is hiring to say “Pay me this minimum premium too”.
a. The penalty for not purchasing the mandated medical insurance is not the tax. The tax is the mandated purchase. This is just a penalty for not paying your taxes. If you get a parking ticket and don’t pay it on time, the court access a penalty. They don’t forgive the parking ticket, you got to pay that too. Obama has lied about everything else can you trust him not to demand that you pay both?
b. You have insurance, your insurance goes up, but your benefits go down too, right? Now not only are you paying more (because the premiums satisfy the mandate tax requirement) but you are also paying more out of pocket. So in addition to seeing your premiums driven up by thousands of dollars to save the government money, you are out maybe hundreds or even thousands of dollars more in cash payments which in effect is more tax

3. This is the most regressive tax in history. It falls hardest on those that earn the least. All this talk about taxing the rich is smoke and cover for the fact that Obama has raised taxes proportionally higher on those earning the least. Take an increase of $1,000.00 in premiums ($20.00 per week) and $1,000.00 in increased out pocket expenses and compare that to earnings. A person making 150,000 a year might have to scrimp a little and wait three months longer before replacing his Mercedes Benz, where the same $2.000.00 coming out of the pay of someone making $40,000.00 a year can be the difference between eating right and eating cheap.
4. This tax hits hardest those that most need protection of the government. If you work, the less you make the higher the percentage of contributions that you are expected to contribute. Lower paying blue collar jobs do not offer the comprehensive benefits package that upper management get. With salaries capped for executives the benefits package is an important differentiator and higher company contributions and lower co-pays are all part of the deal. A deal the working person doesn’t get.

So now that you have the facts, here are some sound bites.

Sound bite:
It is a tax, the worst kind of regressive tax. It hits hardest on the people who supported Obama the most. The young just starting out, the working man or woman who just makes ends meet, and those in the middle class, the unions and others that will see the share of their wages that goes to pay premiums and increased copayments eat up an ever larger percent of their stagnant if not dwindling income.

Sound bite:
Popular benefits? Are you kidding?
Do you think eliminating the life time cap on expenses or making insurance companies use your premiums to cover people with pre-existing illnesses makes sense? It’s your money, if the insurance company has to spend more that means you get less and the price goes up for you. Sound fair?

Sound Bite:
Who paid for these people that didn’t have coverage before? The mandate makes working people pay the cost of these uninsured exclusively through a pooled insurance scam that is really a tax. It is just a big distribution of funds falling heaviest on people who work for a living. Taking money from people that work and using it to pay for anyone that needs financial help for their medical conditions so the government doesn’t have to use other money from other taxes that are more fairly distributed to pay for those services.

Call me if you can’t get someone to deliver the lines…..

Solvo Reor

Oh if you do want my support you can attach a rider to the next bill to raise the debt ceiling, due I am guessing in a few weeks, that eliminates the onerous regressive health care tax by eliminating the mandate, and just the mandate from ObamaCare. Attache a separate riderto eliminate all funding to implement the remaining provisions of the bill. Let Obama refuse to sign it and shut down the government.