I like this SCOTUS decision....John Boehner, Mitt Romney, Michell Bachmann pay attention

First, the decision is not what I expected. But the decision has been made. For most people, especially liberals they can at least expect a mild change in the conversation over the next forty years as Roe vs Wade takes a back seat to ObamaCare debacle as the topic that makes conservatives turn boorish.

No, I don’t like ObamaCare. I intend to vote in the fall to have the funding  cut off, even if that means shutting down the government. I thought I voted to cut off funding 2 years ago, even if it meant shutting down the government, but as Chief Justice Roberts observed the people we elect expect someone else to act like grown ups so they don’t have to. Well now our Representatives and Senators have no choice. Big daddy won’t bail them out of their mess anymore. Big Daddy won’t clean up after them anymore.

But that still isn’t why I like it. And if you are still with me there is a gem in that decision that could change the future of America for young people in the most positive way since Woodrow Wilson was elected. John Roberts observed that the Congress determined to tax people to pay for health care and Congress extended to the people the option to purchase private insurance in lieu of direct tax payment. He determined that in this case, in a narrowly defined situation that the government can require people to either purchase qualified insurance or pay the tax.

It is important to understand this. VERY IMPORTANT. The court has determined that if is constitutional to enact a tax, that can be satisfied by the purchase of private insurance in narrowly defined situations.  If you all would stop wringing your hands and whining about being betrayed and control your temper for a few minutes and let that sink in you might actually do something other than just piss people off between now and the election this fall.

It is constitutional to enact a tax, and allow citizens to purchase private insurance in lieu of paying the tax.

America is faced with a crisis far more difficult to solve then Obama Care. We can solve Obama Care in several ways, the easiest of which is making sure that Obama is not re-elected and that there is at least a simple majority of Republicans in the Senate and Congress.

The real problem facing America is Social Security.

When Congress returns to work after our great independence holiday I ask that someone in Congress, maybe Representative Bachmann,  submit the following bill for a vote.

Social Security Reform Act


All Citizens under the age off 55 shall have the option to purchase a qualified private retirement income insurance plan in lieu of paying a percentage of their social security taxes.

Beginning in January 2013, the qualified private retirement income insurance plans maybe used to offset 2/3rds of the total Fica taxes paid by the employee and by the employer combined. Payment will be made by the employer directly to the administrator of the qualified private retirement insurance plan and evidence submitted with payment of social security withholding in a manner consistent with other collections. Where the individual is self employed, the individual will submit proof of payment with estimated withholding taxes.

The President shall designate an administrator and Congress shall appropriate funding to staff a reporting office to monitor performance of the qualified plan providers and report on utilization, payments  and revenue. The reporting office shall establish and maintain the database of qualified plans. The reporting office shall rely on the state insurance departments to monitor and audit individual plan providers and rely on the reports of states for all determinations. All enforcement activities shall be carried out by the states. The policies available to any individual will be restricted to those qualified plans that are approved by the department of insurance in the state where the individual resides. The reporting office shall provide regular updates to the Congressional oversight committee at a frequency to be established by Congress.

Congress will review the maximum percent of the tax permitted to be used to purchase a qualified retirement income plan on an annual basis and adjust this upwards if benefits paid are substantially less than payments received.  Congress may reduce the rate in the future  only if the payments into the government are substantially less than the payments in benefits. Congress will never reduce the rate to less than 50% of the tax. Substantial shall be defined as exceeding 10%

This is the bill in it’s entirety. If any portion of the bill is found unconstitutional or struck down by the courts the rest shall remain in force until Congress acts to amend it.


There you have it. Social Security Reformed. What’s not to like (other than the foolish way we are squandering valuable time crying over spilled milk)