Take away from Wisconsin, bad news for John Boehner

While the Republicans are beating there breast and patting themselves on the back because Scott Walker won the recall, the truth is that this is not good news for the Republican chances in November. It took a coalition of Republicans, Tea Party activists, independents and even some traditionally Democrat demographics to win this battle.

Was it because of the ground game? Or maybe because of the improving economy? Or even the fact that half of all teachers stopped paying dues? Maybe, just maybe when teachers who would have otherwise been laid off, and school districts that otherwise would have seen reductions actually experienced improved cash flow the voters of Wisconsin decided that Walker had the right stuff.

My analysis: None of the above. What really happened is someone that the people elected stood up and showed some courage. Stood by their promises and did not faint, compromise or lie about capitulation. Scott Walker simply accepted his fate and did what he promised to do. He made permanent change that will be hard to undo even if he lost this recall election.

And the people rewarded him. They may not like him, or agree with him on everything, but in the end he made his stand and his violent, greedy, bullying opponents looked like the crooks, thieves and extortionists that they are in fact.

So why is this bad news for the Republicans. Because the Tea Party proved that it has power. And, more importantly, unlike conservatives and Republicans they are focused on one thing. Voter control over spending. There is nothing worse for the Republican party then for the Tea Party activists to be standing there pumping their fists in the air, patting themselves on the back and shouting. Do it now or go home!

Because they sent a bunch of people to Washington to control congress, and congress controls spending. Period. Soon the President is going to demand that the debt ceiling be raised. And John Boehner is going to be in a tough spot. Because if John Boehner wants to see Romney win, he is going to have to demonstrate that HE learned the lessons of Wisconsin.

In a solid blue state, a Republican governor refused to kowtow to the Democrats, stood up to the worse they had to offer and forced them to behave like adults.  I know we don’t own the White House or the Senate but reality check, we can stop spending. Simply don’t authorize it and hold everyone in contempt of Congress who spends money not in their authority to spend.

Oh I know that would shut down the government. Scott Walker shut down the government in Wisconsin, he survived. Scott Walker forced the democrats to leave the state, and show their true colors, so much for bipartisanship. And Scott Walker survived.

Why did he survive, because every one respected him. He did what he said he would do, not built up some fancy smoke and mirrors trillion dollar savings that amounted to a few seconds of real spending  cuts and cuts that would have expired any.  No sir. He took on the Democrats sacred cow. And Scott Walker survived.

So, here is a message for John Boehner, no more debt increases. Cut spending. Any federal administrator that does not cut staff and reduce spending as directed by the house should be held in contempt. Let Obama throw his best at you. Let the media paint doomsday all over it, let the democrats walk out of Washington in protest. Just cut the spending. And cut it where it hurts the economy the most. Bye Bye EPA!

We will survive. We will love you for your courage and you will survive.

And for the Romney staffer that reads these things, take a message to your boss. Make Boehner grow some courage, or announce your desired replacement for speaker NOW! Better yet take him in a room and read him the riot act. The time to lead is now, not if you win the election. No one else in Washington is leading in a direction that Scott Walker would approve.