Government workers unions are not private trade unions

Lets not confuse the issue. The problem is not trade unions. Yes, some trade unions make your electricity more expensive and your construction more costly. But these private sector unions must compete against other non-union companies. And even where there are no non-union companies they can only thrive if business thrives.

But government sector unions are entirely another animal. Where private sector unions must compete in a market place where people can chose non-union, and need only spend money when it is profitable and logical to do so, government sector workers hold the taxpayers directly for extortion.

Now I could be convinced to allow government sector unions under one condition. See, when they demand money they are not holding some fat cat business man up, they are taking money from my pocket. So, if you want me to support public sector unions I want veto power over the contract. After all it is more of my money they demand. No increase in pay or benefits, current or deferred will be approved until a majority of voters vote in the general election to authorize the terms of the contract.

I don’t care if some car company gives it’s employees a raise. if the cars they make are too expensive they won’t sell. But if the teachers demand more money at a time when the size of the classes are already shrinking, that is another matter entirely. And that is an important distinction to make. We need to embrace trade unions members who are private enterprise dependent. Because like everyone else they have a vested interest in breaking the back of the government workers unions that are sucking the life out of the economy.

And besides, when you think about it, the Obama administration has hurt private sector trade union jobs perhaps more than any other job segment. Between Coal, Oil, Electricity Generation, military spending, transportation and even the Auto Industry this horrible economy combined with Obama’s half baked economic policy has gutted big union industries. Why would anyone trade union worker want more of that? Lets give them a new home here with people that respect and demand a dynamic booming economy and lots of American produced oil, coal and energy.