What did Bain do? Come on Oblivious Obama, lets dance...

Give me your best shot,  tell me why Bain where Romney worked is an evil corporate raider that sacrificed jobs for profit. Because you got Boxwood blood on your hands. That’s right, you heard me General Motors Boxwood Road plant in New Castle county Delaware. The most populous county in Joe Biden’s home state lost it’s biggest employer. The closure of that plant was personally directed by none other then the great, the magnificent, the omnipotent self appointed bankruptcy jurist in chief, self anointed savior of the auto industry, Barack Obama! The devastating effect on the people in New Castle county is matched only by the war on organized union coal miners.  Boxwood blood everywhere and the longer it festers the more it stinks.

You say Bain is evil because they sacrificed some jobs to make the companies they bought profitable. Give me numbers. But the Obama Oblivious legions get tingles when they here how you saved a few hundred jobs in Michigan, or Illinois. OK, lets talk apples to apples. You saved thousands of jobs, counting all the subcontractor, vendor, transport and service jobs related to keeping a production line open. But you did it by shutting down a production line, and eliminating an entire industry that has been in Delaware since World War II.  You can’t have it both ways, accusing Bain of cutting jobs without talking about the profitability and employment success of the companies they turned around, and talk only about your success without admitting you personally destroyed the livelihood of thousands upon thousands of people that depended on Boxwood you personally decided had to go. People who voted for you in 2008 from Joe Biden’s home state no less. I do not know how Biden or his family can show their faces in Delaware anymore.

And while we are talking about successful turn around skills, lets compare your investment in Fiskar to Bain’s investment in what ever companies you are trying to use as examples. One hundred ninety-three million dollars later you have funded cars being built in Sweden and reemployed at best a handful of guards to secure the empty boxwood plant. Your skill and breaking up a company and selling it for pieces stinks. You are quick to criticize Bain, but you can’t even give away the pieces, worse you paid someone to take them and they took you for the fool you turn out to be.  Oblivious, self-righteous, obnoxious fool. You have just been schooled, professor flunky.

This ain’t college class and you don’t get to hand out the grades. This is real life, and you can’t lie like you do when you are in front of a lecture hall. Here we get to judge your performance, and money is how the score is kept. You flunked.  That someone in your campaign thinks this fiasco is one of your better points says a lot about how bad you really have performed.  Pointing to Bain as a big evil profit making private equity firm that will lay people off to make a company profit might sound like  a winning strategy. But if that is accurate then that makes you an even bigger, incompetent  tax payer funded equity firm that raids companies, lays off people to restore companies that you restructure to profitability while squandering billions in never to be recouped losses of tax payers funds. And you don’t even get some propaganda out of the deal unless you lie by omission about all the families you destroyed.

Want to go head to head in a debate over Romney’s track record at Bain?. Bring it on Mr Automaker’s savior. Lets see who has the most blood on their hands.


Solvo Reor