Extortionist in Chief Obama... or another take on evolving positions

Think about this. The Obama administration decides to impose regulations on coal and reduce it’s use. What do you think happens?

– Coal producers increase lobbying Washington to overturn, or block the regulations. People give money to Obama and the democrats

– Global Warming alarmists increase lobbying Washington to impose more restrictions, or more aggressively enforce the current restrictions. People give money to Obama and the democrats.

Obama threatens more regulations People on both sides of the issue send more money to influence, or bribe the administration. If a thug walks into your business and says that someone is going to come along and break all your windows and set fire to your store if you don’t pay for protection, this is extortion. Welcome to the era of the extortionist in chief.

Which brings us to the Hollywood “One-percenters”. They know that it is just about the money, so they threaten to withhold their contributions unless Obama gets off the fence. So Obama comes out with his support, but states right opinion. “Send money if you agree”. Now of course, the Hollywood One Percentrs sent lots of money. But there is the other side. And lots of people who are against this, like some people in some religious organizations. They want to by influence against gay marriage. So they send money.

The result? On nearly every issue Obama has walked a thin line that extorts contributions from both sides of every issue.

What a country!