Well this proves Obama isn't Muslim

I am not sure how this is going contribute his “hitting the reset button” with foreign countries but I do hope he bows before another Muslim king or Monarch.  It will be interesting to see if the guards take off his head, since after all there is no penalty in Sharia for executing an abomination insulting to Islam.

Lets be realistic. There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim. But there are fair, and tolerant Muslims. America embracing homosexual marriage will not make their life easier. Of course, America isn’t embracing homosexual marriage, it is being dictated by “The Leader”, who decides that he can accomplish what ever he wants, irregardless of legislative action.

President Obama “The Leader” has determined that America will insult Islamic followers and slap the face of Islamic leaders. I expect that against Christians and Jews, but this goes contrary to his “be nice for good results” mantra. How long before Iran demands the evil Americans be wiped from the face of the earth.

98 years ago an assassin plunged the world into a bloody war, where the then modern weapons produced millions upon millions of casualties. At the center of this was Islamic Imperialism. Today, Barrack Obama has given the Islamic Imperialists the weapon they need to rally all believers against the decadent, evil west. This is a “reset to the reset” and may have destroyed any hope for a peaceful coexistence with the Muslim Arab world.

I understand that Obama collected tremendous amounts of money after coming out for homosexual marriage. I hope it is worth it, because to a world of people, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim he is corrupt, evil and unclean. To the rest of us he is just stupid. He puts all of America at risk to collect a few dollars by saying he embraces something he has no power to make law. And in doing so may have tipped the scale of intolerance. Given that most people seem to feel that if you tolerate the distinction between a heterosexual union called marriage, and a homosexual union by some other name, that there is no reason not to be tolerant. But it is the peak of hypocrisy to demand that a clearly defined legal structure be corrupted to allow self centered people to pretend to be grown mature adults.

Sorry, but marriage is a partnership contract between two consenting adults, of the opposite sex, and an unknown, potential number of interested minor third parties represented by the government. We call these interested minor third parties offspring, and since they have rights that survive the termination of the partnership protecting their interest justifies government involvement in the marriage contract. It is in fact the ONLY thing that justifies involving the government prior to entering into the partnership contract. It invites the government to regulate the partnership for the good of the children at the expense of the adults.

Everything else is just playing house. Part of the reason that failure to produce offspring has always been  grounds for divorce. When two woman or two men can engage inmonogomous intimate relations that result in the creation of offspring without the involvement of a third party, I will support protection for their children too.  Until that day that leave marriage alone.

Get out the vote, send a message to Washington, “The Leader” was not sent there to dictate how we live or what we think. Send him packing with all of his cronies too.