Dictating from the oval office, Barack Obama violates oath of office.

By the time you read this you should have seen that POTUS is once again acting against American’s duly elected Congressional representatives and has lifted a ban on an aide package of $192 million for the Palestinian Authority. No President has the authority to spend money that Congress specifically freezes. The experience of President Gerald Ford, denied funds by Congress needed to enforce the terms of the peace agreement in 1975 makes that very clear. However wrong headed the Congress may be, as long as the Congress does not allow money to be spent, the President is oath bound to honor that direction. I believe that enough Americans will see this middle of the night authorization as a blatant violation of the President’s oath of office and behavior reminiscent of President Obama’s favorite South American dictators. Remember that the Obama administration was forced to return a significant contribution to his campaign from Palestinian sources in 2008.

How should the Congress react? Well, personally I don’t expect them to do much but play a game “for show” to the tune of Sweet Georgia Brown. But what they should do is ask the judicial committee to authorize a formal inquiry into impeachment. Add to that a general inquiry into other departments such as state, justice, and especially the EPA to determine the extent to which the administration has used department mandates to dictate other action Congress has not authorized.

How does Congress go about this?

  1.  First get the impeachment inquiry started.
  2.  Next increase congressional investigation into the spending of every major department, into the impact that department policies have had on the cost of food, the cost of gas, the cost of energy, etc.. Focus on the relationship between contributions and government allocations, grants and guaranteed loans.  Look for connections with the end goal the elimination of the departments or freezing spending. Use the publicity from Congressional hearings to highlight actions that undermine trust in Obama’s administration ultimately leading elimination of  the Obama “CZARs” either through legislation, indictment or their resignation.
  3. Pay special attention to past statements by Obama and his staff and appointees regarding actions that will result in increased costs to consumers. Make the witnesses defend statements about the natural skyrocketing of energy prices, food prices, unemployment, and any other progessive inspired sacrifice that afflicts the American people. Drill down through to the lower levels of government agencies to uncover links between big business and Wall Street to Obama, and between Obama directives and questionable actions.  Go below the level where the progressives will “sacrifice themselves for the cause” and get the truth about what the administations is doing that is hurting the economy and the country.
  4.  Investigate the links between Obama’s actions and donors. Althouth Obama had to return a substantial donation from Palistinians in 2008, it should not be difficult to draw connections between Obama’s need for money and the “timely release” of 192 million dollars.  Congressional hearing into Solyndra and other failed green “investments” has already uncovered “pay to play” links. Pay attention to SEIU, and military adventurism in the Middle East and Africa. Look for new links, new authorizations that are clearly intended to free up money for donations with future promises of pay to play rewards.


The Obama administration and campaign is tainted and we already have lots of evidence in the ACORN, Solyndra, and the Rod Blagojevich scandals.   It is Congress’ job to expose the corruption and to enforce it’s legislation. Boehner needs to demonstrate leadership to make that happen. President Obama has handed the Republican’s a tremendous opportunity to get the truth out.  Boehner also controls the tools to investigate Obama’s foolish, wasteful and corrupt “green investments”. The President needs to understand that outside the lecture hall actions have consequences.   It is “fish or cut bait” time for Speaker of the House John  Boehner.

It should not be left to the Romney campaign to do the heavy lifting needed to bring detailed, accurate and timely reporting of the corrupt and deceitful Obama administration and campaign.

What will it be Mr. Speaker, will you hold the President to his oath to follow the laws you pass, or  should we play Sweet Georgia Brown?