Where are the town halls?

I got a bone to pick with anyone that is in Congress right now.  Every time Boehner makes a deal, we get nothing, Obama gets 99.2% of what he wanted and we spend more money.

There is no evidence that any conservative running for office would actually change the RATE OF SPENDING. And the reason is simple, it will send the country into a tail spin.

Lower taxes will not spur investment as long as it is the regulatory bureaucracy that is destroying jobs. And shutting that down must be the number one priority. That means massive federal government layoffs. And restoring power over the local domestic agenda to state governments. That includes control over the environment, labor relations, health, education, and welfare. No party will do that when they are in control of the government.

In a couple weeks we will be back talking about continuing resolutions and a new budget. The time for making deals is over.  They just make it worse. You don’t get a balanced budget by making deals, you get a balanced budget by spending less than you take in.  And you spend less now, not in a decade. The new Boehner endorsed “politburo” is not going to cut spending.

So there are three things we need to get out of the next budget fight or CR battle: Cut spending now, dismantle programs such as ObamaCare, the NLRB and the EPA in favor of letting states set their own agendas, and remove funding for the politburo the Boehner deal created.


Evangelical Tradlitionist – spreading the gospel of self determination through restoration of local and state government control over the matters of it’s citizens.

TRADITIONALISM A philosophy that government should function with a respect for the limits of it’s own authority taking priority over all other considerations.