Republicrats - there is no difference that matters


Debt deal is done, truth is there never was a crisis. All a bunch of made up hysterics so people wouldn’t notice the democrats and the republicrats just passed a huge spending bill, authorized large tax increases and created a commission behind which they can hide when they increase spending and increase taxes again. It is all about spending in Washington, both sides want more money to spend. No one stands for smaller government.

And in the future the decision about spending  will be turned over to the control of 9 people in black robes and 12 people on the debt commission, and one guy in the White House. Sounds like the politburo to me.

Can we at least get rid of the rest of the legislature so that we can save that money?

This whole thing makes me sick. Next election we can decide between good guys who will borrow money that they will spend promising to  push the country toward the side we are on, or bad guys that will borrow money that they will spend promising to push the country toward the side we are not on. I don’t care which side you are on that accurately describes the non-choice for both sides. Not one of those running will actually care one damn bit about seeing our hard earned money taken from us and spending it for their own pleasure. Good guys and bad guys that get together at the end of the night and laugh at how they fooled the stupid masses. Doesn’t matter what side you are on, the game is the same.

It is like watching the globe trotters play basketball. It isn’t about winning or loosing, there is no competition, it is all just an illusion with lots of parlor tricks and stunts all carefully choreographed and designed to fill the stands. So tell me which team are you rooting for and hoping they win, Boehner’s Washington Generals, or Obama’s globe trotters.

Somebody please at least give us some Sweet Georgia Brown as background music!