JB's GOP principles not America's principles

Clearly, John Boehner’s GOP doesn’t live up to America’s principles.

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Speaker John Boehner says the pact he’s reached with President Barack Obama and other leaders of Congress on lifting the debt limit and taming the budget “isn’t the greatest deal” but lives up to the GOP’s principles on taxes and spending.  – From an  Associated Press article written by Andrew Taylor.  

I will give Boehner credit for this, he is learning from Nancy Pelosi. Nancy knew that when you wanted to do something nasty that abuses the majority of the American public you need to hold the vote over a weekend, preferably a holiday weekend. Well last weekend wasn’t a holiday but Boehner is starting to show some of the leadership skills of the former speaker. One has to admire her understanding of her contituency’s desires. A constituency made up of real radicals desiring a cradle to grave big government welfare state.

And while I will give Boehner credit for learning something about how to get bills passed in the face of overwhelming voter disgust, John Boehner is either clueless or a Democrat. What he has pushed through this year has advanced Pelosi’s agenda in a way even Nancy couldn’t. Even the democrats couldn’t raise the debt ceiling when they had all the power.

Please speaker Boehner, resign your seat. You are not a conservative. The House would be no worse off if you retired now, and the seat was empty. Otherwise it is time that the GOP went the way of the Whigs, and for the same reason. For your unwillingness to stand up for liberty and to make compromises that extend the misery of those you claim to serve in the name of “not disrupting the economy”. What Obama is doing may not be slavery but he is no better than the company store, putting people into bondage to pay off debts they can ill afford and from which they draw no benefit, yet have no relief. All so those who are politically connected can profit handsomely at the tax payer’s expense.

And you sir, John Boehner, Republi-crat,  are Obama’s accomplice.