Not a ounce of difference: Republicrats.

We do not have a debt crises, we have a spending crises. It starts in Washington, which for those of you that haven’t visited recently is in a construction boom. No unemployment in Washington DC.

You don’t get to a balance budget by “making a deal” you don’t get to a balanced budget by passing Boehner’s legistlation, you don’t get to a balanced budget by passing the “best deal left on the table”, you get to a balanced budget by spending less than you take in. Spending less this year, not three congresses from now.  You don’t shrink a 1400 billion  dollar ANNUAL  deficit by cutting 400 billion  per ANNUM and call that a win.

You don’t need a balanced budget amendment to stop spending. You need courage and fortitude. And you need to get rid of the Republicrats that are more interested in a deal and are tone deaf stupid to the fact that America wants a solution to too much spending. If we had a balanced budget amendment Harry Reid would simply not pass a budget and we would continue borrowing money until every Republicrat was retired. In other words, this doesn’t end until you call the bluff and shut it down. Then take your good ole’ time reauthorizing about 10% of every department, agency and 0.0% of the regulations.

The solution to our job crises, our economic crises and our entitlement crisis is smoke stack industries, big business that drives the need for small business jobs, we need to pump, mine and process. Just get rid of the socialist bureaucracy that Obama has pumped up with steroids starting with the EPA and the NLRB and let the states do their own thing.

It is time to get rid of Boehner and Hoyer. We don’t need leadership from Republicrats. Next election they can run as Democrats, who can tell the difference anyway. It seems to be that Democrat voters are the only people they care to please.  

Let me explain this nightmare scenario to you thick headed Republicrats that think the worse thing that can happen is you don’t pull off a squeaker of an election and defeat Obama because you were seen as tough on spending. It ain’t the worst that can happen. Obama is not going away even if you defeat him in the election. He is going to sit on the sidelines and collect the media and be in your face about every little thing you do or don’t do. He starts campaigning to regain the presidency the day after the 2012 election. You won’t be able to accomplish anything and  Obama  won’t get any of the blame. You will even have to pay for his security, and his media coverage and all the other trappings of an ex-president, only this one plans to make a fool out of you after he leaves office so he can come back and with a mandate to do anything he wants.

And in 2016 he will be the most expreinced Democrat running.

You can’t defeat Obama in the election, you must destroy his political career right now so no one will ever trust ANYTHING he says. Obama has handed you two perfect opportunities to fundamentally restore this country to the greatness it deserves and what game are you playing? Lets make a deal.

Republicrats, Dumb and Dumber