Winning the spending crisis spin

Note, the country doesn’t have a debt ceiling crisis, we have a spending crisis. The fact that the majority whip in the house is talking up the boehner plan as the only way to solve the debt crisis tells you he is not much different then a democrat. Sure he might want to spend trillions on just say no, as opposed to the democrats wanting to spend trillions on abortion but for everyone else it is not the direction but the volume of spending that is the problem.

Step 1. Surrender. Republican talking point: There is nothing we can do to stop Obama from spending this country into a crisis. They are intent on driving it over the cliff. We don’t have a debt crisis we have a spending crises brought about by Obama, Pelosi and Reed who have failed to even put together a plan for their spending by passing a budget. Creating a budget is a very difficult and demeaning chore, required of all adult head of households, and clearly there are no adult head of households working for Obama. What we have instead are fools spending money like fools.


Step 2. Start puttting together a new budget based on no debt increase, a proposed plan for spending that includes items that are critical thought they will require a debt increase and a PLAN TO RETURN DOMESTIC AGENDA MANAGEMENT TO THE STATES.

Step 3. Sunset every law that a non-restored department ever created, giving the states 12 months to come up with their own plans, or not as they see fit. CALL IT A JOBS PROGRAM. Putting people back to work by removing the burden of government.


Talking points:

Elections have consequences. Harry Reid controls the Senate and he refuses to acknowledge the consequences of squandering a year on health care when the jobs market was in critical condition. Now he refuses to cut spending and blames Republicans for not being tax and spend Democrats. Elections have consequences and the electorate spoke in 2010. They want fiscal displine.  Harry Reid doesn’t have a plan and assumes the Republicans can be conned into doing his job for him. Not this time. We are going to concentrate on saving the country and putting the government back together after Harry Reid’s incompetence drives it to ruin. The people spoke in November 2010, and they said take back the keys the people in the driver seat are speeding out of control toward a dead end.

So if Harry Reid can’t grow up and do his job, by putting together a budget that spends no more then what America takes in, then we need to be prepared to put the government back together after he crashes it along with the economy

We have given up talking, now we have to plan for services after the fall. What really is needed? Do we need the NLRB dictating winners and loosers? Do we need a justice department that doesn’t do this country justice? Do we need the EPA mandating regulations Congress never approved? Do we need to fund libya, or the UN? Do we need money to give to Petrogas so they can drill in water off our shore closed to our own drilling companies? Of course not. There are things we need but too much of the spending is on things that buy votes and not on things that buy security and prosperity. Oh sure, when we put our plan together to save the country we may have to recommend raising the debt ceiling until the economy heats up. Things like nuclear security and the FAA air traffic controllers. We do need some services. But should the federal government meddle in education.

This is what we will work on, a new priority of spending that eliminates 90% of the federal domestic policy bureaucracy and as much of foreign aide, especially aide to the UN. We will work on a plan that lets business build factories and create jobs, bringing back some of the industries that the Democrats claim are lost forever. We will eliminate the burdensome EPA regulations that prevent us from drilling our own oil, opening refineries to make our own gas, putting our natural resources to work. We will eliminate anything to do with global warming that NASA has proven is all based on false premises anyway. We will create an efficient lean small government that turns domestic priorities over to the states and is powerful only in it’s appropriate role over foreign affairs.

This is what we were sent to do. Fassion a smaller government before the Democrats destroy any hope for renewed prosperity. We really thought that the progressives in Washington would read the election results and moderate their spending, but they did not. So now we must prepare for the inevitable recovery after Harry Reed’s Senate and Obama’s veto pens push us the final way into the chasm.

This chasm was caused by out of control spending. It is a spending crisis, not a debt crisis. America gets it. So do the Republicans that refuse to raise the debt limit.