Hold the line!

There are good reasons for holding the line.

1. We have to cut spending, and we need to cut it now. Not ten years from now. A promise from Washington to do something in ten years is a lie. A balanced budget amendment is being sold with the same rhetoric that the borrowing limit was sold. To force Congress to be responsible. The spending cap didn’t work, the balanced budget amendment won’t either. They are just gimmicks to keep spending going for one more election cycle.

2. We are the children and grandchildren who are enslaved by this spending. Not some future generation. That stopped when social security surpluses dried up. Now, every dollar we borrow starts getting paid back out of our taxes right away. Next year it will be harder to make cuts then this year and costs will be higher because of increased borrowing.

3. Out of control spending from government is a cancer eating the heart out of the country.  Like any cancer the earlier it is caught the stronger the patient and the earlier you start aggressive treatment the better the odds for the outcome. This year it is time to start “chemo” and burn the cancer out. Sure, the patient will get worse before getting better, but the longer you wait to start, the less likely a good outcome will result.

4. Shut it down and force changes now. Use power over congress to get results, just like Pelosi did. We know what Democrats will do with power if they get it again. They will use it to ram through programs to build power and enslave citizens. The solution to the abuse of power this administration has demonstrated isn’t to change the administration, but to eliminate the power. It is time undo the legacy of Washington mandates and restore power to the states over domestic issues. Only then will liberals and Conservatives alike be protected from radicals of any stripe imposing a vision on an American public unable to resist.

5. Taxes aren’t killing hundreds of thousands of oil industry jobs across the sooth. Taxes didn’t keep Boeing from creating thousands of new jobs in the South Carolina. It is regulatory abuse from Washington. If you really want to create jobs in this country you need to cut regulations, not taxes. And you can’t do that without radical change. Shut down the government, then restore only those parts that make sense to fund. FAA yes, EPA no. The states got that covered anyway. Immigration, maybe NLRB no.  You get the point. You will never get rid of the health education and welfare bureaucracies in Washington unless you do a radical surgery. Shutting down the government and forcing spending into a narrowly defined (constitutionally consistent) channel is the only way. What good is a justice department that takes your tax money to abuse states protecting there citizens, but doesn’t enforce the border laws, drug laws, or DOMA? None, so why fund it?

5. When you cut the tap the parasites will surface. No one knows just how many parasitic industries there are in this country. Cut the cash flow off and it will become obvious.

6. If we don’t have enough money to pay our bills why are you borrowing money to pay the UN?  Or sending billions to Petrogas so they can drill in water off our shores that our own companies are denied access to by regulation? Seriously should grandma not get her social security check so the UN can get paid?

Alinsky’s rule is that the treat of a thing is worse than the thing itself. The threat of “default” sounds terrible. And everyone will hurt because there are a lot of business that get money from the government, not as hand outs but as vendors. They won’t be paid. That said, why won’t they be paid? Why can’t we choose not to send money to the UN or not fund Obama Care and pay the government vendors for their products and services? And while we are at it, why are we sending so much money to California? They are in the top 10 biggest economies in the world, let them fund their own stupid ideas. Financial aide for illegal aliens? really? With whose tax dollars governor Moonbeam?

Stand firm, hold the line. Fix the problem. The problem isn’t the debt. The problem is a Washington bureaucracy  and regulatory power allowed to grow to a point that it stifles economic growth, the foundation of this country’s greatness.  It is time to put that genie back in the bottle.