Rule (9): The threat is worse then the thing itself.

This is a fundamental underpinning to successful organizing. The limit to any attack is stop short before people realize that the threat was bogus. Obama understands this. That is why he is panicking.

His threat to default on the interest, social security and on military pay is only a threat, one that he probably won’t survive. And now that the time to make good on this threat is coming near he realizes that the fear of the threat has not had it’s intended consequence. The Republicans are prepared to ride it out and let the voter decide.

So Obama is faced with looking like a fool. He stiffs his loyal followers and drives independents into the Republican camp. Or he admits it was all a bluff and he is powerless to do anything. Not a choice he expected to make.

So how do the Republicans respond?

Today there were a number of articles discussing the possibility of the Republicans defunding the EPA, or the NLRB. Now, it is time to change the discussion. Time to take the power of words away from Obama.

Speak after me…..

Mr. President, we think you have turned loose <insert variable>to destroy America. We understand that we will never be able to stop you, but once the government is shut down, we can make restoration of the government contingent on elimination of <insert variable>

Variables (choose one, very often, repeat constantly)

– the EPA.

– the NLRB

– ObamaCare

– Corps of CZARS

– Eric Holder.


If you can’t figure out what to do with this, just tell me where to reach you and I will create the sound-bites personally. The difference between Obama’s threat to destroy America, and the Republican’s promise to eliminate the tools that  Obama is using to fundamentally change  America is what makes the shutdown a win-win for Republicans.