Rule 6: (Tactics your base enjoy) Deny them funds to use against us!

The dead beat in chief, Obama set about fundamentally changing the country. This was precisely his rallying call less than a week before the 2008 elections. Pelosi and Reed knew what that meant. They used the power of  their two thirds majority in both houses to force through legislation that was hated and damaging. Worse, they rubbed the noses of the American people in the power they had to do anything they wanted even in the face of overwhelming public opposition.

The American people got a face full of Nancy Pelosi’s power. American’s who had given her a majority expecting a more open and honest government that would be more responsible and responsive, instead got their noses rubbed in raw, unbridled abuse of power.

And all the while the dead beat in chief Obama was creating his CZAR CORPS to turn regulatory agencies into despotic autocracies, dedicated to that Fundemental Change Obama promised. Even if that change was rejected in the overwhelmingly Democrat Congress. They closed factories, destroyed industries, intimidated and bullied where they could and set loose justice department hit squads until the ground the economy to a halt.

But the American people aren’t east europeans, and Obama isn’t Stalin, yet. So we struck back and took away the majority Speak Pelosi abused. Not just a little bit, but we gave Republicans an overwhelming majority. Yet you are afraid to use it to do the one thing you can do.

Cut off the life blood of the cancer in Washington. Cut the spending. Your people will ENJOY this. Our lives will go on, even if all discretionary domestic spending is halted. We do not live for the power or the money from Washington.

The Democrats and their people WILL NOT enjoy this.  Which may be more important. Progressives, environmental extremists, and race baiters have enjoyed unchallenged power to extort money and concessions from regular Americans, all the while berating us for their own amusement and they will not like this at all.

It is time to turn the humiliation around, we will like it, they will not. And as a benefit you also get the satisfaction of using Rule 3 against Washington” When ever possible go outside the experience of the opponent

Obama will recognize these actions for the tactics that they are, he knows the rules inside and out. Obama has little respect for anyone that doesn’t understand the rules organizers rely on to gain power.

Do this, cut off funding,  and Obama will respect you as a “player”.