Rule 5 (Ridicule) Obama the Dead Beat in Chief

Speaker Boehner, the definition of a dead beat is someone who needs to borrow money to pay interest on the money he borrowed and spent, and uses the threat of not paying to extort more loans. This is Obama’s biggest threat, and the easiest to ridicule. America has given too much to a dead beat spendthrift and won’t stand for him not paying the bills. Even if we stop borrowing there is still plenty of money coming in to protect seniors, pay the debt, fund the military, and pay for essential services. It will be up to Obama to choose how he spends the money he has, whether he will be responsible and craft a government that can live within the means of it’s citizens, or if he will throw a temper tantrum like a spoiled child cutting off funds to the elderly and the needy to use the funds to bribe his government union buddies and teachers. Or will he prove once and for all that he is an irresponsible dead beat and not pay interest on the government loans.

Rep. Boehner, call his bluff. Push back at him and riducule him for his drunken spending and his dead beat threats. The danger isn’t that we will default, but that Obama the wastrell will squander another quarter trillion dollars on vacations, golf outings and gifts to Argintina to drill for oil.

Trust me on this, Obama will respect you for using Alinsky’s own tactics against him, he will think you are a player.