Newt Gingrich: Wrong person, right idea

“I don’t think right-wing social engineering is any more desirable than left-wing social engineering,” Gingrich said, calling the plan “too big a jump” for the country. “I don’t think imposing radical change from the right or the left is a very good way for a free society to operate.” Newt Gingrich on Meet the Press

I am not sure professor Gingrich fully understands Ryan’s plan, I am not a fan of the professor and I am not arguing the merits of the Ryan proposal but rather the bigger picture. This post is about what Americans want in their next President and it is time that Republicans understand and embrace the new paradigm.

The person who will set the electorate on fire wants to dismantle the Washington apparatus to impose change on the people. Not bend it to the right. For the last eight decades America has flirted with various Washington driven increases in social engineering. In the run up to the new millennium Americans rejected the socialist oriented progressive ideas that had dominated since Roosevelt, or at least they thought they had, and embraced conservatives. But that failed them too. People do want change, but the new paradigm is that the change they want is liberty, and liberty comes from the efforts of the people, not from Washington. The only thing we can all agree on is that Washington should mind it’s own business and not meddle so much in our affairs.

Voters have learned a lesson which is manageress in the idealism of the Tea Parties. Washington has built a bureaucracy that can be abused by any President and Congress that is dedicated to “re-engineering” American society. While the current administration is hell bent on designing a progressive utopia, and very willing to impose there will on the people, there is no reason to believe that the alternative conservative administration will be any more than adjustment in the abuse of liberty with a different direction. A direction where the power of government is still used to impose an agenda on business, the environment and peoples lives. That is not the change people want.

The individual states have the ability to regulate labor relations, environmental protection, heath and human services and education. The bureaucracies in Washington have become a threat to liberty because they can so easily be abused. Eric Holder has proven this  threat, with cooperation from the department heads, by the use of aggressive attacks on business, individuals and the states themselves. The solution isn’t to put a conservative in power over these dangerous non-elected agencies, but to defang them completely. And the place to start is to dismantle the funding. Take away the money and block grant it back to the states without strings. Let them run their own domestic policies. This is why regular people want to shut the government down. It has become a cancer and the least intrusive and least damaging way to treat cancer is to starve it of it’s life blood.

There is no currently declared candidate for the Republican nomination that has convinced me that they have understanding of this new paradigm. let alone make me believe that they embrace it.

The fact that the legacy Republicans Leading Congress would rather play golf than play chicken with the President over the future of the country speaks volumes about the direction the legacy Republican leadership has for party when they get control back.


Evangelical Tradlitionist – spreading the gospel of self determination through restoration of local and state government control over the matters of it’s citizens.

TRADITIONALISM A philosophy that government should function with a respect for the limits of it’s own authority taking priority over all other considerations.

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