Tea Party message for the college campus organizer

I read that Obama is focusing on a summer organizer program and wants “stop acting like an incumbent”. Of course if I had his record that would be my plan too. So where are the Republicans? The republican leadership is really starting to get on my nerves. They either do not get it, or they don’t care.  If you wonder why the American people do not trust Republicans much more than Democrats it simple. They do not have a message that resonates. They think republicans are not as liberal but little moire, or that Republicans won’t spend that money the same way will work but won’t seriously reduce the size of the Washington bureaucracy either. Republicans act like talking about tax cuts will spur the economy when the problem is regulation. Who needs a tax break when you can’t get a permit and the feds could come knocking to extort money at any time.  I want someone to challenge the Obama machine one thrust at a time. If Obama wants to “organize on campuses” we need to organize too. Or at least give them something to organize against. So lets counter attack the campuses with this simple slogan:

Want to do more feel good things – Vote OBAMA
Want to do more pay good things – Vote for anyone else
Your future is in your hands!

We don’t need a retread Republican candidate who has no courage and thinks, like McCain did, that if all the Republicans just behave nice enough the media will warm to us. Get over it, get active and get direct. It is time to counter each move with an effective complimentary move.

James Carville made two points in an article from the daily caller.
1. If the economy doesn’t get better Obama is going to have a rough time.
2. Civil unrest is not out of the question.

That’s right, we are looking at the next potential cultural revolution and it will not be one about sex, religion or ecology. The young people in the country see a future where trees matter more than people and they don’t like it. They only need leaders that realize this. America is a great country, with vast resources and industrious people. But even college students are beginning to realize that the great earth day movement, the great liberation movements of the 60’s and 70’s have shackled them to a future as slaves to an ecological utopia. A revolution on campuses is brewing, sure clean air is nice but we are a nation of hardworking industrious builders. From the pioneers that shaped a nation out of the wilderness to the assembly line worker who created the some of the most amazing machines the world has ever seen America is a nation of doers. And the Democrats offer only a future of full of jobs for thinkers, analysts and waiters.

Vote for a future that includes a paycheck!

Clean air is good but if you can’t find a job it is not as enjoyable. The recent tsunami helped to focus attention on the fragile supply line of manufactured goods that our standard of living depends on. A candidate that can articulate a future with manufacturing jobs will carry the day. America needs jobs that someone with a high school educations, a strong back and skilled hands can do and earn a good living. The kind of jobs that built America, making steel, building boats, airplanes and ships. Building and running efficient low cost energy, mining and processing materials, capitalizing on our oil and gas reserves, build homes and buildings, machine tools and consumer goods. We need the America that the Democrats have taken from us with their green jobs propaganda and their clean air shackles.

I want clean air, and clean water, but we also need to build things, there needs to be a compromise. The future that Obama offers, cleaner air and no jobs will lead to civil unrest. We need a leader that can strip Washington of the power it has acquired to meddle in the every day lives of citizens. Someone to lead to the dismantling of the Washington bureaucracy that dictates conformity rather than enables liberty. Some one that can step up an announce proudly that they will return to the states the power to over their environment, their labor relations and their schools.

Someone who walk on a high school or college campus and say with sincerity: The future is yours, and I offer you the right change and the only hope for a future full of good things & good pay.


Evangelical Tradlitionist – spreading the gospel of self determination through restoration of local and state government control over the matters of it’s citizens.

TRADITIONALISM A philosophy that government should function with a respect for the limits of it’s own authority taking priority over all other considerations.

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