Who won the battle over the shut down

  • The Democrats got 99% of the spending they wanted but were afraid to put into a budget.
  • The Republicans approved the largest spending increase in history
  • The President gets to claim he brokered a deal that cut 39 billion dollars the largest cut in history
  • Americans still think the world will come to an end if the government shuts down, and due to the hysterics of the Republican leadership they think a shut down is a scorched earth policy that would destroy the country faster than out of control spending.
  • The republicans backed themselves in a corner. They can’t refused to raise the debt limit after approving $3,860 Billion in spending.
  • The Ryan budget is dead in the water because every attempt to cut spending will be met with a caterwaul by Democrats accusing the irresponsible Republicans of reopening those scorched earth attacks again.
  • The President looks mature, responsible and in control.
  • Boehner looks like a school boy taken for his lunch money.

The democrats won such a lopsided victory it is hardly likely the Republicans will win any seats in the election let alone get anything done in the next two years.

The only hope is a leadership change. But it is probably to late even for that too.